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By Chrystia Freeland
July 7, 2011 is getting a new look. The beta version of the refreshed home page has gone live.

You can get to it by clicking a button on the homepage of the current site. Once you’re there, we encourage you to let us know what you think.  Feel free to drop us suggestions below or tweet us ideas using #reutersrefresh .

For now, only the homepage will feature the new look, so don’t be thrown when you go back to the current design as you venture deeper into the site. When we switch over officially in a few weeks the new design will run across

The main goal of this refresh is to display more of our terrific content and to provide a clearer snapshot of top news stories.

The refresh is just the beginning of Editor in Chief Steve Adler’s pledge to develop a powerful consumer-facing digital presence for Reuters News. In recent weeks, we’ve added some brilliant new journalists to our already terrific team: two-time Pulitzer prize winner David Rohde, who will be writing a column starting in the autumn; the iconic Sir Harry Evans, whose events and writing will be featured on; Pulitzer-prize-winner and tax guru David Cay Johnson, some of whose work for Professional will be showcased on the site; social media innovator Anthony De Rosa, who joins us from the technology group; Ryan McCarthy, the Huffington Post’s pioneering business editor; and deputy op-ed editor Paul Smalera, who joined us from We have also recently added monthly columns from former Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Larry Summers and PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian to our growing op-ed line-up.

Sprucing up the homepage should help make the work of all of our new and old stars — and everything we do at Reuters — more visible. But it is just a small step in our broader effort to make and all of our digital platforms a fitting showcase for Reuters News and all of Thomson Reuters. Watch this space.


Chrystia Freeland, Editor, Thomson Reuters Digital



The new homepage looks nice. It is far better than the current homepage. I hope the change will cover not only the homepage, but also other pages.

In addition, the Arabic page of Reuters still appears with the old design. I do not know why has not it been upgraded?

Posted by RAMFAITORI | Report as abusive

I think the creation of communities is important – people want to read what their friends/colleagues are reading. In an age of diversified media consumption there are few “water cooler” moments available. People don’t like this fragmentation hence the popularity of Facebook “Like”. Would be good to have some sort of social media plugin so that not only can you see what the most popular and most shared articles/videos are but you can also see what has been shared by people within your Facebook/LinkedIn etc networks. See the Independent’s site for reference:

Posted by nigelhilditch | Report as abusive

Could you put a back to home page button at the end of each article?

That way, instead of scrolling all the way back to the top of the article and then clicking on your logo I can hit one button and return to the home page of articles.

Posted by stanrich | Report as abusive

I have a complaint not related directly to the new website but to your search box. I do not know why all the keywords that I type in defaults to a certain “set” of companies’ stock trading symbols. If I type in “Euro” in the search box I get returned a page about “Euro Holdings” a company that I have no interest in when I was looking for general news about the Euro currency.

Posted by jhchang | Report as abusive

it is easy,comfertable,self explainary,comrehensive,composed,more coverage,easy access to topics,easy to make choices,rapid access to contents,easy to comprehend,etc etc,thanks

Posted by naseer48 | Report as abusive

U.S…. U.S…. U.S….

A great new lick of paint on the homepage (it does particularly well at eschewing the directionless, unprioritised approach to news of the current version), but you’re still not doing yourselves credit compared to what I see on your wire when you’re serving up pages like this:

Posted by trav14 | Report as abusive

I’m having big problems with searches. I regually search for certain companies, but the fuction seems to be broken now, even on the old site. For example, doign a search for ‘Unilever’ results in Unilever Nigeria Plc, even if you select Unilever PLC from the dropdown search suggestions. All I want is a list of recent articles that have the keyword ‘Unilever’ in them. Am I doing something stupid? :)

Posted by Tom978 | Report as abusive

I really like your new look, please keep the headlines fresh and up to date, that means up to the minute, no old stuff in the HEADLINES. BTW, your tech guys have done you good, moving around is smooth and quick, poor old MSNBC they just does not get it … it is choppy and slow. Keep up the good moves.

Robert of Mchigan.

Posted by RobertHorvath | Report as abusive

prefer the current one; more at ease with ‘columns’ of info.

Posted by bendy96 | Report as abusive

I love the new look, the drop down menu at the top allows for easy and fast-paced search of news items. Now you are gonna get me hooked! Thanks!

Posted by Tray | Report as abusive

I found the new look very compact and userfriendly. In the screen “Commodities: oil” the unit of measurement e.g. $/BBL is not provided. Same is with Natural gas price which should be expressed in $/MTBU. The information on quotes of commodities should be accompanied with unit of measurement.

Posted by tuku | Report as abusive

This is a very clean look, with more news featured and easier to access. This is my primary source for news now.

Posted by yummy8755 | Report as abusive

Like the clean design. has been my home page for more than ten years – ready to switch to Reuters … would love two things… The ability to customize and to have more information in one screen – like a dashboard.

Posted by DeadTV | Report as abusive

beta better

Posted by rusman | Report as abusive

It’s simpler to browse and more comfortable to view. However, I do wish that the content would resize with the browser window.

Posted by SeaWa | Report as abusive

Any webpage with a picture of Chrystia Freeland gets 2 thumbs up from me.

Informative feedback submitted.

Posted by aaron.mcpherson | Report as abusive

I like it, it’s clean and fresh. I like the ticker across the top.

Dan Hux

Posted by danhux | Report as abusive

Well…when I first saw the new homepage (via my bookmark), it appeared totally out of sync. Upon clicking a link, the normal ‘old’ format came up fine. Now, revisiting the homepage, it loaded fine. I like the appearance, since it seems a little more ‘modern’. Might take a little getting use to the layout, but otherwise I like it.

Posted by ballpark_frank | Report as abusive

The New design is pretty neat and decent.Background white color is correctly adjusted.

Different areas are segmented and can be easily accessible.

Videos are also placed appropriately,the ticker,color combination of orange,grey and white is good.

Overall its a Thumsup to the redesign team.

Posted by agadkar | Report as abusive

It’s an improvement, and actually brings to mind the home page of a couple of iterations ago. Much cleaner and directional.

Posted by DeanW | Report as abusive

I’ve lost the most important thing to me on the front page: The ability to immediately see (without using a calculator) how many points the DOW has changed. Please revise.

Posted by Thalya | Report as abusive

Layout Design 101

Place the full categorized list of clickable “LATEST HEADLINES” at or near the top of the page (not buried down near the bottom) instead of the awkward one-random-headline-at-a-time scroll bar. Jeez!


Posted by jca | Report as abusive

You need to show the indices not just with % up or down, but witn POINTS up or down, without necessitating another click.

Also, I was far more likely to read the columns when they were on the front page. Now only one is. Guess it’s psychological, but I am less likely to read the others now. It feels like you’re devaluing them, which makes ME devalue them, subconsciously.

You had a great site before, there was no need to tinker with it.

Posted by NewsLady | Report as abusive

“You had a great site before, there was no need to tinker with it.” -Newslady

Exactly. Previous layout was truly exceptional, user-friendly excellence. And now, whatta bummer!

Posted by jca | Report as abusive

Nice new look but I cannot find the currency exchange rates that used to be on the lower right.

Posted by BraveJulliett | Report as abusive

I don’t like it a bit. The columns were better. And where’s the little chart on the right-hand side that shows what the Dow etc is doing? Why can’t you people leave well enough alone?

Posted by helenhighwater | Report as abusive

cannot see the indices and currency rates on the opening page – this for me is a serious loss

Posted by bob1107 | Report as abusive

coloured text is not very easy to read

Posted by bob1107 | Report as abusive

coloured text is not very easy to read

Posted by bob1107 | Report as abusive

Indices and currency rates not as prominent as before. Serios drawback.

Posted by fullfacility | Report as abusive

Much better!

Posted by VelDim | Report as abusive

Just returned to homepage and indices not there at all! Preferred old page. Looks like change for changes sake.

Posted by fullfacility | Report as abusive

Getting worse. Indices only appear sporadically. Share level only shows percentage change , not actual points change. Very disappointing. Moving to Yahoo.

Posted by fullfacility | Report as abusive

You would admit that all the suggestions that would be made on this forum would stem form the requirements of the individual. For me the change of the homepage did not mean much apart from a new look that makes viewing slightly refreshing.
It would be great if there is a java based applet on the homepage with constantly provides world updates as soon as they occur. Better still, if the domain (or combination of domains) for the news can be selected by the reader, like global markets or politics or commodities etc.

Posted by anshulagarwal | Report as abusive

It’s better in many ways, but indices should be on home page, the name of which should be changed to “base page”. This base page should then be anything one chooses, e.g., business, or community. It would be useful to have a one click return to this chosen base page. Regards,Kwango.

Posted by kwango | Report as abusive

Crisp, neat, easier to read.

Posted by 21jotage | Report as abusive

Please, please bring back the Top News category. Am lost without it! Thank you!

Posted by snowpea | Report as abusive

Currency exchange rates on the home page again, please or I will not have my computer have reuters as my home page.
So WHERE do I find the exchange rates?

Posted by BraveJulliett | Report as abusive

New site looks great, but where did the “Regulation” link go????

Posted by irv96 | Report as abusive

Much better, cleaner layout but no section on education.
I also think you are missing out by only getting comments from registered users. I am sure only a very small portion of your readers are registered users.

Posted by thelorax | Report as abusive

Good layout.

Posted by MDPAGE | Report as abusive

site seems to crash frequently cannot work down the categories windows 7 system works well on other sites

Posted by bob1107 | Report as abusive

2 big issues I have with the new look.

1. Stock Ticker – I really only have interest in the DOW and S&P 500. It used to be on the right side of the page where I could glance at it in half a second and see what the markets were doing. I loved the ease and convenience of this. Now it’s on on a self-scrolling bar at the top, and I have to click it 2-5 times to see the DOW and S&P 500. It’s very slow, and very annoying that I can’t just quickly see where the markets are at a glance. At the very least, please give us an option of which market prices we want to see up there rather than forcing all those other prices and markets to scroll through.

2. More headlines – in each main category on the home page (World, Politics, Technology, etc) have more sub-headlines. That way we can both see what’s hot at the moment, and be able to click into more articles. Right now there are only one or two articles listed besides the main one in that category. I’d much prefer it if there were 3-5 extra articles listed under each main category. Without more links, I miss out on the news. You have it about right if you scroll below the main headlines to the “Latest Headlines”, but those should be moved higher up, or combined with what’s up there. Right now it’s as if there’s 2 sections to get news from, which is complicated.

I do like the new color scheme though!

Posted by Joel_Palmer | Report as abusive

Text colour is now much better thanks ?

Posted by bob1107 | Report as abusive

Text colour is now much better thanks ?

Posted by bob1107 | Report as abusive

Where is the Science section? I’m not interesting in mixing the technology with the science (like Google).
Otherwise it’s ok, just have to adjust to it.

Posted by Oldguy55 | Report as abusive

“I’ve lost the most important thing to me on the front page: The ability to immediately see (without using a calculator) how many points the DOW has changed. Please revise.”

I agree with Thalya. Suggest also a preferences option for setting to display only US, Asian, Euopean, etc. stocks.

Posted by Buzz1234 | Report as abusive

@jhchang – ah yes, the search! not just “euro”, try “wen” too – you may want info on china leader but you ain’t getting it!

and even if you type something it lets you search for, you have to wade through 3/4 copies of every story?!?!?!

“intelligent information” :-D :-D :-D :-D

Posted by carlst | Report as abusive

The new home page is certainly an improvement but I sorely miss the market indices.

Posted by JMChapman | Report as abusive

All looks good but I hate the stocks ticker being at the top and changing every 2 seconds. It’s lost immediately you scroll down 1cm and, in trying to give more information, actually gives less because your eyes are elsewhere. Down the side and stick to the main indices as before please. Leave us to drill down further if we want to.

Posted by mosley123 | Report as abusive

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