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By Chrystia Freeland
July 7, 2011 is getting a new look. The beta version of the refreshed home page has gone live.

You can get to it by clicking a button on the homepage of the current site. Once you’re there, we encourage you to let us know what you think.  Feel free to drop us suggestions below or tweet us ideas using #reutersrefresh .

For now, only the homepage will feature the new look, so don’t be thrown when you go back to the current design as you venture deeper into the site. When we switch over officially in a few weeks the new design will run across

The main goal of this refresh is to display more of our terrific content and to provide a clearer snapshot of top news stories.

The refresh is just the beginning of Editor in Chief Steve Adler’s pledge to develop a powerful consumer-facing digital presence for Reuters News. In recent weeks, we’ve added some brilliant new journalists to our already terrific team: two-time Pulitzer prize winner David Rohde, who will be writing a column starting in the autumn; the iconic Sir Harry Evans, whose events and writing will be featured on; Pulitzer-prize-winner and tax guru David Cay Johnson, some of whose work for Professional will be showcased on the site; social media innovator Anthony De Rosa, who joins us from the technology group; Ryan McCarthy, the Huffington Post’s pioneering business editor; and deputy op-ed editor Paul Smalera, who joined us from We have also recently added monthly columns from former Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Larry Summers and PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian to our growing op-ed line-up.

Sprucing up the homepage should help make the work of all of our new and old stars — and everything we do at Reuters — more visible. But it is just a small step in our broader effort to make and all of our digital platforms a fitting showcase for Reuters News and all of Thomson Reuters. Watch this space.


Chrystia Freeland, Editor, Thomson Reuters Digital



Never mind the homepage, when I click on ‘Markets Home’ it quotes the market data and news stories from 3 days ago (25 July)!
Additionally, the home page on my screen, no doubt due to some sort of cookie, is showing a ‘developing story’ of the Japanese earthquake which was in March when I first accessed Reuters Home.
All in all not very good.

Posted by BSeabrook | Report as abusive

It’s nice to spruce the place up a bit and give it a better look. The important thing for me with Reuters is it’s first class reporting. So long as you maintain that you can change the Web Page whenever you like I will always find my way around it, though it, over it and under it.

Posted by AlgarvianMan | Report as abusive

The UK edition used to have a link to “Environment” (this was never available in the U.S. edition). Now I can’t find it. Reuters to environment: Drop dead?

Posted by Ectrudert2 | Report as abusive

I hate the ticker at the top of the page! Move 1″ away and it’s gone. It tries to display more information with a rolling refresh but actually reveals less because it’s too small and I can’t wait for it to come up with what I’m after. Currencies are also lumped in with stocks. Why?
Most people have 16:9 aspect ratios on their laptops or screens so why put everything in a 4:3 format? There is soooooo much white space to the sides.

Bring back currencies and most traded stocks now!

Posted by mosley123 | Report as abusive

We are working on the ticker, don’t worry!



My comment will be more on the content rather than the looks. Hope it would be useful.

I have been browsing through your web site and havent been able to find a major breaking story that has come out only a couple of hours ago — The resignation of top Turkish commanders. At the moment, this is the top story for Turkey, and BBC has been posting it on its main web site as a headline only minutes after the news broke. You can also view this story on the front page of CNN’s international web site.

But to my surprise and disappointment, even though some two hours have passed, I can’t find this headline in Reuters web site, neither on the U.S. edition nor UK edition.
The headlines are extremely U.S. focused, and yes the debt ceiling saga is surely the top story these days and eurozone debt crisis but I guess the Middle East and Turkey deserves much more attention when we’re going through an Arab Spring and unprecedented times in the region.

I also find it difficult to believe that Reuters, one of the world’s top sources of news and information, if not the biggest, does not have an international edition of its web site. I guess that’s a whole separate chapter.

I am hoping that the lack of this headline from your website is just a simple mishap, or perhaps a delay and not a shortfall in your news judgement.

Posted by Ali8080 | Report as abusive

I just checked again. You guys dont even have the Turkey news in your World news section!!! Unbelievable!

Posted by Ali8080 | Report as abusive

Dear Oldguy55,

The science section is found under the Technology tab, but it is not mixed. Here is the url for it: Hope you are adjusting. Please stay tuned for more updates and tweaks.



Great! Glad you like it. Thanks for leaving that comment, bob1107.


Dear bob1107,

It should be working well.



Thanks, MDPAGE. Glad you like it.


Thanks, thelorax. And thanks for your comments suggestion.


Thanks, irv96. Glad you like it. Is this think “regulation” url you are looking for?: atory-forum/


Dear BraveJulliett,

We are working on improving the homepage so please stay tuned.



Dear bob1107,

We are working on improving the homepage so please stay tuned.



Dear helenhighwater,

Thanks for letting us know. The charts are back on the right hand side. Hope you enjoy this new improvement. Please stay tuned for others.



Dear jca,

Glad you liked the older design and sorry you haven’t taken to the refresh yet. Hopefully, it will grow on you. It was designed to be more reader-friendly.



Dear NewsLady,

Glad you liked the older design and sorry to hear you don’t like the refresh as well. It is still a work in progress so please stay tuned.



Dear jca,

Thanks for your suggestion. The refresh is still a work in progress so please stay tuned.



Dear Thalya,

We are working on this. Thanks for your comment.



Thanks, Dean!


Glad you like, agadkar! Thanks for your comment.


Thanks, RobertHorvath. Glad you like the new look.




We are working on improving this.



Thanks for your comment, trav14. We are making improvements to the refresh. Hope you stay tuned.



Glad you really like, naseer48!



Hi jhchang,

Thanks for your comment and suggestion. You don’t have to click on any of the suggested searches. We are continually working to improve our site so please stay tuned.




Thanks for your suggestion. We will take it into consideration.




I agree with you. We are working on this. Thanks for your comment.



Hi Ramfaitori,

Thanks for your comment. The refresh is slowly happening across the board. Please stay tuned.



Thanks for your suggestion, amkoppelman.


Thanks, jbaxter0313. This is a work in progress.



The rollout is happening slowly, sunz3000. Thanks for your comment.


Thanks for your comment, pjdxxxwa. Customization would be nice. The refresh is a work in progress so please stay tuned.



Thanks for your comments, hyperlux.


Robert1234, your comment has been noted. Thanks for letting us know.


Binkie, we are working on this. Thanks for letting us know.


Great! Thanks, thegrumpycook.


Thanks for your comments, rajl.


Ha, I don’t think so unless its warranted in a story for some reason. But, thanks for your comment, mustafaspeaks.


Klaatukat, your comment is well noted. Thanks very much.


Thanks for letting us know, jossy89.


Glad you like it, vksaini.


Thanks, newsspaniel!


Ok, thanks for leaving a comment and letting us know, mnj_04.


Thanks for leaving your thoughts, tdscreener.


Thanks for sharing that, flanban. It’s a work in progress so I hope you stay tuned.


We wanted a cleaner, more-user friendly look TedIrvine.


Thanks, In_California. We are working on improving that.


Thanks, Joeyjo!


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