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July 27, 2011 just got a new look. We hope you spend some time here.

We’d love to continue to hear what you think so please tell us by commenting below or using #reutersrefresh on Twitter.

We streamlined the design of the homepage, improved the navigation, and enhanced our presentation of what we consider the top stories of the moment.

With this new look, stories, videos and pictures are more vibrantly displayed.  Sprucing up the site helps showcase all the great work produced around the clock by our 3,000 journalists across the globe.

In recent weeks, we’ve added some brilliant new journalists to our already terrific team: two-time Pulitzer prize winner David Rohde, the iconic Sir Harry Evans, Pulitzer-prize-winner and tax guru David Cay Johnston. We’ve also recently added monthly columns from former Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Larry Summers and PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian to our growing op-ed section.

This is just the beginning. Now the hard work starts in our broader effort to make and all of our digital platforms your destination for global news and insight. We hope to see you here more often and encourage you to join the conversation through whatever means – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and in our comments area.

Welcome and please keep your ideas coming.


Kenneth Li, Editor,


Looks clean and crisp but where are the upcoming events? There was a section previously that showed the upcoming key announcements for the week ahead eg Hosuing stats, unemployment, etc. Where is this now?

Posted by Glenn8249631285 | Report as abusive is a “news” service, is it not? I came to Reuters 9 years ago to get the news “before” the 3-day media cycle and it was very beneficial. People who want news, want fast, immediate headlines, story summations, market stats and economic summary. They want it fast…which usually means “easy to find”. You keep changing and burying all the salient core news data in order to “click-ad” us to death before we can get to it. It makes me tired and bored, and now you are more like every wanna-be, social media, “news-lite”, tow-the-line, editorial blog than ever before. Nice work! Pat yourself on the back. You may have more 20-something market share, but you are not “newsworthy” or “news” anymore. AP is at least consistent. People are tired of constant change…it is just more work for the already overworked!

Posted by Opener | Report as abusive

The categorisation of articles is much improved but the search engine can also be better improved.

Sometimes when entering a similarly-named company to the search engine, quotes instead of news articles come up.

Moreover, I think Reuters’ refresh could be more than a header design change. The content templates can also be updated as well.

Posted by danieltsang | Report as abusive

I can’t read the red-colored scrolling market numbers against the black background on the home page. Can’t you provide a white background?

Posted by Prestoon | Report as abusive

Poor navigation to find columnists and blogs. Where is Felix???

It was nice to see market indexes on the front page also.

Posted by upstater | Report as abusive

I guess I don’t see the effect your changes have had on my use of the site. I thought it was a good looking layout before, and still is… but I don’t think the refresh had added any value for me as a user of the site.

Posted by brendan.stern | Report as abusive

We like the additions to the various lines, but really miss the financial summary on the right of the page. The bug on top never seems to have the info we want; I switch to Bloomberg not for quick updates.

Posted by MikeStover | Report as abusive

We like the additions to the various lines, but really miss the financial summary on the right of the page. The bug on top never seems to have the info we want; I switch to Bloomberg not for quick updates.

Posted by MikeStover | Report as abusive

Okay. I was getting ready ready to say how much I really like the new site…BUT THEN THE REGISTRATION PROCESS WAS A NIGHTMARE!!! I ended up using the Registration Link at the bottom of the page since the pop-up was awful.
Pages seem to be loading a bit slow, but the organization looks much better than before.
…and I agree taht I like the ticker across the top of the page.

Posted by 1AmericanGirl | Report as abusive

Please let us know what color scheme has to do with newly incorporated features. I remember (AFAIK) it use to be a _yellowish_ bar on top of the page and then it turn to be _red_ for some reason. And here we are with _grayish_ color :D

Any thoughts?

Posted by razaq | Report as abusive

What’s up with the comments? It does not appear that they are posting. Or is there excessive moderation?

Posted by 1AmericanGirl | Report as abusive

Why isn’t there a place to report a news item or ask about a potential news item that Reuters should cover?

FAA has 400 employees, and stopped work on 2.3 billion in contracts approx 98,000 workers nationwide, is delaying starts on an additional 2.5 billion in contracts potentially 100,000 new positions, and will have to stop work soon on nearly 60 billion of investments for inability to complete required acquisition and legal due process documentation requirements.

That doesn’t seem significant to you?

Posted by fsdjklfasd | Report as abusive

Much improved. Happy to see the old navigation drop down gone. Much easier to scan the headlines.

Posted by Preditor | Report as abusive

It’s a cleaner, nicer layout. NOthing else matters there.

Posted by Sarasota | Report as abusive


(sorry for the all caps)…

Posted by robb1 | Report as abusive

Sorry .. I meant INDEX CHARTS, I cannot see them now…

Posted by robb1 | Report as abusive

When viewing the non-mobile version of an article on an Android device, the login bar (the gray bar that notes articles I may like, links to the login screen, shows the latest from my topics, etc) does not stay locked down appropriately and instead floats across the middle of the text. Very annoying! Aside from that, I like the redesign.

Posted by clearance42 | Report as abusive

is it auto refreshing? if it is, you should have an option if we want the auto refresh feature turn on

Posted by dcL | Report as abusive

Hi, I would like to see the Dow, S&P etc on the front page as it use to be. It is now a bit messy having to look for it. Thanks.

Posted by kiwibird | Report as abusive

Site a bit hard to navigate and find companion articles on a subject. Some news articles disappear as fast as they appear. I love the special series with commentary from noteworthy contributors such as the discussion on “economics” and economic modeling. It is refreshing to read the insight of noted experts rather than the ramblings of other bloggers like myself.

Posted by seattlesh | Report as abusive

Thanks, clearance42. We are working on that. Aside from that, glad you like the redesign.


No, there are just a ton of comments, which is great, but we are approving them manually so it takes a while!


Hi razaq, those colors are the official Thomson Reuters colors.


Hi seattlesh,

There are related stories in the right hand rail of blog posts that should be easy to see. As for the speed at which articles appear and disappear, that is part of the warp-speed news cycle these days and we just want to make sure that we bring you news in real-time. There are some stories, like features and exclusives, that do stay up on the site for quite a while. I am particularly happy to hear that you enjoyed the special series on commentary from noteworthy contributors about the debate over economics since that is what we hope to do on a more regular basis.

Very best,


Great, and to *corporate* colors to deliverable gadget; I would say so. Looking at other side, occurs to me that design and compiler folks are out of touch. And we blame the person who came-up with simple explanation as ‘corporate colors’

On the side lines: Is there any plan to skip the video advertisement ? And I wonder if we can see the rapid news something like *country in crisis* design you have.

Posted by razaq | Report as abusive

Hi Robb1,

We are working to improve the index charts. Thanks for letting us know.


Hello Kiwibird,

We are working on improving this as well.



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