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What would you ask Bank of America’s CEO?

August 9, 2011

Bank of America Chief Executive Brian Moynihan will undergo the most sensitive investor call of his career tomorrow when he submits to a public grilling from Fairholme Capital founder Bruce Berkowitz, one of the bank’s largest shareholders. Fairholme, which manages about $17 billion in assets, set up the call before the bank’s shares lost one-third of their value last Thursday, Friday and yesterday amid concerns about mounting mortgage-related losses and how the bank may be affected by a worsening economy.

Berkowitz has invited investors to submit questions at, but, our Wall Street team led by Jed Horowitz, has come up with some of our own. The answers could shed light on crucial issues such as whether the bank will need to raise more equity—and whether Moynihan can survive.

Below are a few of our questions for Moynihan.

1. How will you raise the $50 billion of capital analysts suspect you need to satisfy new regulatory capital rules when your core businesses are losing profitability in a slowing world economy?

2. Is the bank looking to sell any assets?

What else would you ask Bank of America’s CEO?

Let us know in the comments below.


What is BOA’s annual budget for political lobbying and which lobby groups do you fund?

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When your company return to honest business practices and therefore mark the beginnings of a return to profitability?

Posted by ronryegadfly | Report as abusive

Why do you allow robo-signing to continue when it is clearly illegal?

Posted by K-dub | Report as abusive

Why is it that BofA short sales appear to be among the worst managed of banks engaging in such?

Colorado views of BofA are that the bank’s left hands don’t know what right hands are doing even to the point that when offers come in that cover the majority of the debt on a short saled home, BofA first is incredibly inefficient and inconsistent in how it handles these transactions, and, then, appears to prefer that the home goes to foreclosure where it is fairly certain that the bank will ultimately get a very small amount of what it is owed in comparison.

The outcome of such poor management must be as or more disastrous for the bank as it is for the home owners, especially those for which foreclosure was avoidable if only they could speak with BofA short sale managers who know what they’re doing instead of being lost in a voice mail morass.

Posted by tomwinans | Report as abusive

why do not you spin off some of your parts to become more manageable? How dysfunctional are you right now?

Posted by Ocala123456789 | Report as abusive

Is the bank considering or looking for another bank to merge with?

Posted by kittycatyman2 | Report as abusive

I have been buying BofA stock for more than 10 years. After the big slump in 2008 I lost a lot of money but i decided not to get rid of the stock. But since then, you have punished honest investors by scrapping the ordinary dividends to 1 penny per share. How much longer are you going to perpetuate this? I gave you good money, I want a good return on it, for me, not for your overpaid managers.

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Is the bank considering a series of employee layoffs to cut expenses?

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Even with cheap money from the Fed, banks are not lending to small businesses.

One option previously available to someone wanting to start a small business was selling their home to raise capital.

What are you doing to clear your backlog of foreclosures so you will no longer be competing with your customers for home sales? When will it be done?

Posted by renes | Report as abusive

Would you give up your job and try to find a job in middle america where may are jobless and lost their homes because of “your” people messing up?

Posted by Avgamer | Report as abusive

Don’t you agree that taking 3-4 months to review and respond to loan modification packages is harmful to restoring the ability of borrowers to begin making payments and reduce your portfolio of non-performing loans?

Do you still participate in loan servicing agreements with loan servicing companies who employed Docx to forge loan assignment documents to facilitate foreclosure proceedings against borrowers? How do you intend to proceed to acquire properties through foreclosure when you do not have the the documentation necessary to substantiate BOFA ownerhsip of the loan?

Posted by outtahere | Report as abusive

What do you earn, including fringes? Do you also do any work for any other company or institution or do you devote full time to Bank of America?

Posted by rogerchoate | Report as abusive

I guess I would like to know how any of the CEOs of any company including Bank of America deserve more than 200,000 dollars compensation. Make $50,000 in stock options a part of the $200,000 compensation. The same thing will happen again and again until………

Posted by David123456789 | Report as abusive

What needs to be done to get rid of all the mortgage liability issues facing BofA

Posted by josephka | Report as abusive

Investors are highly skeptical about the book value of BoA’s capital, as evident from its highly depressed share price. How would you rate your firm’s quality of its equity in terms of being able to withstand a prolonged economic slowdown?

Posted by Dexterhcm | Report as abusive

Did you really have no idea what was coming?Why not? Or, did you have an idea what was coming, and if so, what did you do about it all this time?

Posted by behindthescenes | Report as abusive

Do you realize that it is impossible to not reap what you have sown? You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot escape the eyes of God Who gives every man according as his works shall be. Is this the best you can give to your fellow man; is this called loving your neighbor as yourself? Will you not ultimately answer to the HIGHEST authority Who pays all dividends? Do you care?

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Why so serious?…Why, so serious??

Posted by mquesenberry | Report as abusive

Why it took 5 years and my deceased husband STILL wasn’t removed from my safe deposit box account? For 5 years, I brought in the death certificate and for 5 years I was assured that his name had been removed. At the end of 5 long years, I just closed my account out of frustration. You lost my business and I will NEVER be back!! All I see is TOTAL incompetence.

Posted by K9Kadette | Report as abusive

How do you think you and BofA can get away with forging so many home mortgages with the “Cynthia Rylee” robo signature? – You should go to jail under Sorbaines Oxley!

Posted by rsmith10007 | Report as abusive

Bank Of America has treated allot of its customers like dirt,and ran them off, and has engaged in questionable business practices. Until it cleans up its act, its headed to the bottom. I was with BOA since it took over Nations Bank years ago. After the way they treated me, I will never do anything with them again.

Posted by LBCarl | Report as abusive

How much money does BofA hold in offshore accounts? How much did BofA pay in taxes last year? Do you think the current tax structure, in relation to all taxes paid (income, sales, property, capital gains, etc.), is a fair distribution of the tax burden between lower and higher income taxpayers?

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I have two questions for moynihan

Why did you allow the MHA program to turn away so many families who paid you properly and followed all of the guidelines and paperwork requirements within their correct 3-month trial period?

With that being said, why are you not contacting those same families to try and make it right?

Stacie Ritter, wife to 1 and mother to 3

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