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Will Obama’s jobs plan find traction?

September 9, 2011

President Barack Obama proposes a jobs package heavily weighted toward tax cuts for workers and businesses to help boost the economy. The challenge will be rallying enough popular support to pressure Republicans to get behind his plan, despite their vehement opposition to most of his agenda.


Will Obama's jobs plan pass Congress?

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If the proposals pass Congress will they lower unemployment significantly?

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How optimistic are you about U.S. economy over the next five years?

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TThis job plan is just another union handout like the last stimulus was, except this is only half the money if the last one. It is time to lock up Obama because doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of CRAZY! What a looser!!! The only thing this plan will strengthen is China’s grip on our throat.

Posted by KJinAZ | Report as abusive

Obama is a President of promises.

Posted by BillNG | Report as abusive

The republicans are the party of NO MIDDLE CLASS.

Posted by fromthecenter | Report as abusive

the republicans will block this over cost. they could care less about people working. then, in the height of arrogance, they will blame the president.

Posted by kehenalife | Report as abusive

If the Republicans would be serious about their jobs for a week and pass bills that can help the economy, then we would be out of this mess soon enough. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen. They are literally opposed to doing anything that will benefit the economy, because they have themselves tied Barack Obama so strongly to the economy that if it fails, he fails, and if it picks up, he wins. therefore, it is not in their interest to do anything that might help our economy. The only Republican priority is to defeat Obama, at all costs. That is why they have filibustered every single appointment he has tried to make, blocked every bill that might have helped the economy, regardless of whose idea it was, and that is why they played chicken with the debt ceiling. They knew that pushing the debt ceiling debate that far would have negative consequences for the economy, so they did it. They know that the administration cant get much done if they cant get positions filled, so they block every appointment. They know that closing loopholes that allow mega-corporations to pay zero taxes will benefit our economy, so they wont do it. they know that raising the capital gains tax will benefit our economy, so they wont do it. they know that infrastructure and education investments help the economy, so they are opposed to them.

Posted by _Facts_Matter_ | Report as abusive

We the people need to stand by Obama here. He’s one of the last people in Washington honestly fighting for the common man. Anyone who actually watched the speech last night could see that (though it’s clear that some people have decided to pretend they didn’t).

Posted by TrueIronPatriot | Report as abusive

Democrats pretend to be for the middle class, but really all they have done with their entitlement programs is to create a permanent underclass, dependent on the government. It is how they buy votes to be reelected.

Posted by moonhill | Report as abusive

“Unhappy is the fate of one who tries to win his battles and succeed in his attacks without cultivating the spirit of enterprise; for the result is waste of time and general stagnation.” ~Just read from Sun Tzu on the Art of War, chap. XII

Posted by WMCK | Report as abusive

As long as this plan has nothing for the rich, this plan will not pass as long as Republicans control Congress, like they have been.

Posted by KyuuAL | Report as abusive

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