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Ask Jeffrey Immelt

By Reuters Staff
October 14, 2011

Reuters Digital Editor Chrystia Freeland interviews General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt on the U.S. economy, the jobs crisis and GE’s future on Monday October 17 beginning at 8:30am EDT. What would you like to ask Immelt? Post your questions as comments on this post or tweet them to #newsmaker.


Would be very interested to understand the reason that Mr. Immelt is on the President’s jobs council which was created to help create jobs for Americans but GE has and continues to send more jobs overseas away from the US. What is happening or not happening in our country to provide incentives to large corporations for US job growth?

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Germany has pursued Jeremy Rifkin’s green and horizontal development. This is in concert with the low voltage decentralized future that is the opposite of GE’s history.

Are you, grounded as you are, willing to have America pursue Rifkin’s model, or will you continue the old furrow that your sunk costs dictate?

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Dear Jeff, President Obama assign you a very critical & important role to lead on jobs. GE business segments continue to layoff employee’s under RIF (Reduction in Force) on quarterly basis. Most of these employees have so much talent & experience with no help to find position in another segment. What happen to Employee Retention and why GE continue to lay off, while you are supposedly to create an example for industry. I just got impacted by RIF at one of the GE healthcare segment. Can you please explain. Respectfully, Thank You.

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Mr. Imhelt……I hope this question has an answer…….”Where are all the customers?”

Since we made the labor force global, since we made all those technological advances….

The commodity value of each ‘worker’ has gone down…….(some products, probably could not be sold, with high labor or high capital costs)…….

it seems like American workers will have less purchasing power, in the future….the process is evolutionary, at this point, unstoppable.

Emerging nations……I don’t know if their workers will ever get paid that much……automation is happening everywhere.

Yuri Milner (a VC behind Facebook) says that Facebook has 1 engineer for every $1 million in revenue…… That has never happened before, in any industry, in all our history.

So, it sounds like Facebook may have 750-1000 engineers……..a business with very few employees…….compared to the industrial past.

Who is going to buy goods and services, in the next 5 years?

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heard that GE is own pension-fund raider, creative accounting…what’s the truth?

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I would like to know if mr Immelt is patriotic or only is for the greedy? Would he be for repatrioting profits through a energy effeciency bank? Creating jobs by putting the unemployed construction workers back to work. The ones hardest hit by the corrupt bank executives that ruined our economy by not useing banking principals in place for a hundred years and giving people loans if they could fog up a mirror.The money could fund through the utility companys. Contract with construction workers to build in exteror walls insulate the walls, attics,seer 30 air conditioners in older homes, the difference in the old bill and new bill could be returned to the corporations at no taxes. You do not loose, the government doesn’t use tax money and get needed revenue, and America uses less oil. Are you partiotic?

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Seems your chief new contribution to GE is not related to jobs or technology but to your obscene interest-charging GE Money Bank. Is this what you you deem THE highest achievement of your tenure?

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Why did your company GE close down the mortgages business even at the expense of foreclosing on peoples’ houses in Canada? Although they are able to make payments on time.

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GE has drastically cut healthcare benefits and with continued efforts these past two years. Are you worried this will eventually catch up and ultimately hurt GE more than it was worth the cost savings? Unhealthy employees=unhealthy GE.

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I suggest you stop saying things that will not come true.
For Example … GE may be headed by a Non-USA person. That
will never happen while I am alive.

Meanwhile, get you butt out of the White House. Your role
helping that Non-USA person has cost our stock price at least
$5.00 a share. It is bad enough GE’s stock price is about
half its value when Jack retired. You are not tough enough
to lead … but, tough enough to just follow. Please retire
early …. please respond…….

Bob Gerardi … ex Gen Mgr in Evendale …

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Dear Mr. Imhelt,

You say, “”If CEO pay goes way down and unemployment is 12 percent, people are still going to feel bad,” he said. “It is a symptom but it is not the problem.”

The point is that if CEOs (and the other highly paid executives of companies) decided to take less pay, they could employ more people. Your $4 million bonus alone could keep 40 people employed for a year at a very reasonable salary of $100K. Did you really do such a fantastic job that you earned the yearly wage of 40 people as a bonus? I have a very hard time believing that.

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