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from Global Investing:

Who’s next for the Dow?


Arzu Cevik, director at Thomson Reuters Strategic Research, writes:

"With Citi shares trading below $1, the first time since 1970 that a “penny stock” traded on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, it is widely expected that it will be removed from the index.

"The company was added to the Dow in 1997 when it was still known as Travelers, and the last company to be removed from the Dow was AIG last September (when its stock hovered above $1) and was replaced by Kraft Foods.

"It’s also expected that General Motors may be removed from the Dow. GM shares are trading slightly above $1 and there’s speculation it may be headed toward bankruptcy.

"There are other stocks in the Dow that are now a part of Wall Street's Dollar Menu. In fact, there are currently five Dow stocks trading in the single digit range.

Money, money everywhere …except in your pocket?


There’s lots of money sloshing around the financial system these days. The Federal Reserve has established a target range of 0-0.25 percent for its key rate, bringing it closer to unconventional action to lift the economy out of a year-long recession.

From Washington, the first package aimed at rescuing the credit crisis-hit banking sector amounted to $700 billion. Treasury can use only half of that amount and it has already pledged all but $15 billion of it. The Senate has refused to pass a $14 billion rescue package for Detroit’s three major car companies last week, leaving it in the hands of the Bush administration to work out a deal.

Feeling squeezed?


In the past year, consumers have been battered by the housing market downturn, surging food and fuel costs, a credit crunch, and a weakening job market.

A Lehman Brothers employee (L) receives a hug outside the office of Lehman Brothers in the Canary Wharf district of London, September 15, 2008.   REUTERS/Andrew Winning

On Monday, Wall Street had its worst day since markets reopened after the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001, as Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy