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Share your airline travel woes


Most would agree that the days of stress-free air travel are over. As the airline industry grapples with unprecedented oil prices that have almost doubled in the past year, carriers are now eking out profits any way they can, including adding fuel surcharges, cutting back services and eliminating flights.

The moves have left passengers complaining about cramped, crowded and frequently delayed flights, and worse.

Everyone has a horror story – what is yours?

How to endure flight cancellation chaos


americanairline.jpgAbout 100,000 passengers have been affected after American Airlines canceled over 1,000 flights. Travelers will endure more pain as the airline says it expects over 900 more cancellations on Thursday. Watch this video on the travel chaos.

Cancellations angered travelers at several airports but Dallas was the hardest hit, followed by Chicago’s O’Hare.americanairline1.jpg