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Will you use Facebook’s new messaging service?


FACEBOOK/It’s official.  Soon you’ll be able to adopt your very own “” email address.

Facebook announced a new all-in-one messaging tool on Monday, after much speculation that the social networking giant was planning a so-called “Gmail-killer.

But CEO Mark Zuckerberg stressed that his company’s new service offers a whole lot more than just email.  The new tool allows users to send instant and text messages in addition to standard email and Facebook notes, he said.

“This is not an email killer. This is a messaging system that includes email as one part of it,” Zuckerberg told reporters at a press gathering in San Francisco.

Is the recession harder on women?


In 2009, more men are putting an emphasis on stability and security in their job and are looking for a girlfriend as a potential wife, according to the annual Great Male Survey by

But how are women fairing in comparison?

Yahoo! Shine asked 19,000 women in the Great Female Survey and found that more women see their career on hold. Fifty-six percent stated that any upward movement in their career is cut off because of the economic crisis while only 24 percent of men saw the same problem.

Any light in that tunnel?


Private employers are slashing jobs and the services sector, which powers most of the economy, is in its worst slump ever. “It’s impossible to find any ray of light here,” Joel Prakken, chairman of Macroeconomic Advisers in St. Louis, Missouri, said of the job losses last month.

With the government working to bail out banks, and possibly automakers, and with a top adviser to President-elect Barack Obama underscoring the need for an economic stimulus package, do you think things will get better and when?

Bailout vote fails: disaster or a vote for the people?


By a vote of 228-to-205 the House of Representatives rejected a compromise plan that would have allowed the Treasury Department to buy up toxic debt from struggling banks. Is the rejection a “complete disaster” or “a vote for the people who did not issue or accept a sub-prime mortgage?” Join the debate in the comments field below.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Road signs are seen in Kokomo, Indiana May 6, 2008.It’s become a truism that Americans are driving less due to high fuel prices. Here are five signs that signal a decline in demand:

1. Drop in volume: The fall in U.S. oil demand in the first half of 2008 was the biggest in 26 years, according to the EIA.

Pinching pennies

Piggy BankTimes are tough for Americans as their wallets take multiple blows from the housing slump, rising oil and food prices, growing unemployment, inflation fears and recession talk. Many homeowners are facing negative equity, with mortgages bigger than their property’s value.

Even as recently as November, households were going into debt to maintain spending, but new numbers show that Americans are saving at the highest rate since March 1995.

from UK News:

Should we have an oath of allegiance?

The QueenLord Goldsmith's suggestion that students swear allegiance to the Queen when they leave school has prompted a fierce reaction.

Civil rights lawyer Baroness Kennedy said the proposal made her groan and described it as a risible and empty gesture.