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Filling Hillary’s Senate shoes


If Hillary Clinton is confirmed for secretary of state in President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet, New York Gov. David Patterson must name a replacement to fill her Senate seat. The front-runner is New york Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, son of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo. Former President Bill Clinton’s name has also been thrown in the mix.Patterson can name anyone, famous or not, to fill the seat. Who should he select and why?

Hillary Clinton for secretary of state?


Sen. Hillary Clinton has emerged as a candidate to be U.S. secretary of state for Barack Obama, months after he defeated her in an intense contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

NBC News and The Washington Post reported that Clinton was under consideration for the top U.S. diplomatic position.

Should Clinton drop out of the Democratic race?

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) with daughter Chelsea (L) and husband former President Bill Clinton (C) speaks to supporters at her North Carolina and Indiana primary election night rally in Indianapolis, Indiana, May 6, 2008.

The road just got rockier for Hillary Clinton in her battle to win her party’s presidential nomination after Barack Obama’s victory in North Carolina and her slim win in Indiana.

“It’s full speed on to the White House,” Clinton said at a victory rally in Indianapolis, with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, standing behind her. “We’ve got a long road ahead, but we’re going to keep fighting.”

Holiday from gas tax: Good idea or more politics?

A customer fills a car's tank at a gas station approximately one mile from the White House in Washington March 11, 2008.Presidential candidates John McCain and Hillary Clinton want to suspend the gas tax for the summer to offer drivers some relief from record fuel prices. President Bush said this week that he was willing to consider a fuel tax holiday.

Barack Obama opposes the idea, saying it would not amount to much. House Democratic leaders have also shown little support for suspending the gas tax. Some experts say that a gas tax holiday wouldn’t help drivers much if service stations don’t pass on the savings to consumers.