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How should we respond to the “enormous” cyber attacks?


Security company McAfee uncovered a series of attacks on the networks of 72 organizations including the U.N., governments and companies around the world and said there was one “state actor” behind them.

What should be the priority in the wake of the biggest series of cyber attacks?

    Fight fire with fire by going on the cyber attack offensive (29%, 124 Votes) Determine the state actor and impose sanctions on it (28%, 117 Votes) Companies should invest more in securing their data (21%, 90 Votes) More resources devoted to defending against cyber crime on a government level (13%, 53 Votes) Increase penalties for all cyber crime (5%, 23 Votes) Status quo (4%, 15 Votes)

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Bailout bonuses: Does the public have a right to know?


Is it anybody’s business how much money you make?

When it comes to Wall Street and the meltdown that whacked financial markets and emptied investors’ pockets, the normal rules of etiquette don’t seem to apply.

Wall Street salaries seem to be everybody’s business lately. Nevertheless, the Obama administration’s pay czar may try to keep a large portion of the compensation plans he is reviewing under wraps.