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Judging Timothy


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner may be new to Washington but he is not new to the financial chaos that has leveled global markets in the past year. From his former perch atop the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the youthful Geithner has been involved in virtually all major efforts to restore stability to shaky financial markets. In his new role, he is now overseeing the latest effort to rescue banks laid low by their exposure to mortgage-related debt.

What’s your view? How has Geithner handled the early days of his new job?

Withdraw or stand their ground?


Tom Daschle doesn’t want to be a distraction. Nancy Killefer doesn’t want to be a distraction. Timothy Geithner has already been a distraction.

What these three high-profile nominees to President Obama’s White House have in common, besides not wanting to be distractions, is that they apparently don’t know how to do their taxes. Daschle, the former senator and Obama’s choice for health secretary, and Killefer, a former assistant Treasury secretary and nominee to oversee the government’s budget, have withdrawn their nominations because of tax indiscretions. Geithner has been confirmed but his path to the top of Treasury was also marred by tax troubles that some fear may come back to haunt him.