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Are new security screenings affecting your decision to fly?


Stepped-up security screening at airports in the wake of foiled terrorism plots has provoked an outcry from airline pilots and travelers, including parents of children who say they are too intrusive.

Industry officials, travelers and pilots have complained bitterly to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about new full-body scanners and more rigorous patdown checks begun recent weeks.

Security officials have defended the measures as necessary after foiled plots by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has tried to hide bombs in clothing and parcels that have made it aboard a U.S. passenger airliner and two cargo planes.

With the busiest holiday travel season nearing, fliers face long security lines and new rigorous patdown checks aimed at discovering hidden explosives. As a result, some travelers are questioning whether to fly at all.

Share your airline travel woes


Most would agree that the days of stress-free air travel are over. As the airline industry grapples with unprecedented oil prices that have almost doubled in the past year, carriers are now eking out profits any way they can, including adding fuel surcharges, cutting back services and eliminating flights.

The moves have left passengers complaining about cramped, crowded and frequently delayed flights, and worse.

To dig or not to dig? The crude question

President Bush is urging Congress to end a decades-old ban on offshore oil drilling in response to consumer anxiety over record-high gas prices.

“Every American who drives to work, purchases food or ships a product has felt the effect. And families across our country are looking to Washington for a response,” Bush said.

Vacation plans dropped on fuel


Americans in dire need of a break are canceling their vacation plans — from air travel to road trips — because of soaring fuel prices.


In a Reuters/Zogby poll, nearly 39 percent of Americans surveyed said they were reconsidering their vacation plans due to record-high oil prices.

How to endure flight cancellation chaos


americanairline.jpgAbout 100,000 passengers have been affected after American Airlines canceled over 1,000 flights. Travelers will endure more pain as the airline says it expects over 900 more cancellations on Thursday. Watch this video on the travel chaos.

Cancellations angered travelers at several airports but Dallas was the hardest hit, followed by Chicago’s O’Hare.americanairline1.jpg