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Strip-club visit makes waves

March 4, 2009

May an officer and a gentleman visit a “gentlemen’s club”?

That’s the question roiling Israel after the navy chief, Admiral Eliezer Marom, was spotted at a Tel Aviv strip-club.

While abroad salty sailors might be expected to let loose in their free time, say liberal voices. And such entertainments are legal in Israel. But many Israelis take a more conservative view and those mores tend to seep into their conscript military. 

There’s also an undercurrent of concern that the navy, whose small submarine fleet is widely assumed to be equipped with nuclear weapons to deter enemies like Iran, should have a visibly sober and responsible leadership.

The Israel Defence Forces said its chief of staff, Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi, had reprimanded Marom. At least one Israeli lawmaker called for the admiral’s resignation.

Manoeuvering to douse further controversy, Marom voiced regret.


Israel’s biggest-selling newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, which broke the story of the club jaunt, quoted him as saying the visit to the Go-Go Strip Show was a “one-time blunder” occasioned by a friend’s celebration.

“I don’t hang out at such places,” added Marom, 53, according to Yedioth. “I’m a family man. I have grown children. Soon I’ll be a grandfather. But things should be taken in proportion. I’m not a criminal. I didn’t commit sexual harassment or rape.”

[PICTURE: Adm. Eliezer Marom, chief of Israel's navy, speaks to Defence Minister Ehud Barak at a January 16, 2008 graduation ceremony for new officers. REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen]


seeing how easy it is for memebers of the “honorable” IDF to go and kill hundreds in the gaza strip and go play in the strip clubs afterwards is just a reflection of the lack of morals and ethics excercised by this terrorist group.

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The radical Moslems are killing people world wide and have been for 1600 years since Mohammad was alive.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Armenian Holocaust look it up on the Internet. The Moslems killed a million Armenian people in the 1920’s.

In the last few years the radical Moslems bombed the trains in Spain because they are angry about being pushed out of Spain in 1400.

They are fighting the secular government in Algeria.
Radical Moslems are killing Christens and burning Churches in Nigeria.
Radical Moslems are involved in ethnic cleansing in Chad, Sudan, Senegal, and Semolina.
Pakistan and India have been fighting off and on since 1949.
Radical Muslins killings started the many wars in the Balkans, Serbia, and Bosnia.
The Radical Moslems are fighting the Greek in Cypress.
Radical Moslems caused the breakup of the Soviet Union into 13 separate countries so that some of them could live under varying degrees of Sera law.
The Moslems in Indonesia are killing off the minority populations.
The Philippians have been fighting a 20 war against Moslem insurrectionists.
The Christens and the Moslems have been in an on again off again civil war in Lebanon since 1918.
Main Land China has trouble with Moslem insurrection.
The Turks and the Iranians have both been killing off the Kurds.
Radical Moslems burned the TV tower building in Moscow , the tallest building in Europe, attacked a children’s theater in Russia, and attacked a n elementary school in Russia.

Yet there are some people there are some people who say all of the problems with the Moslems could be solved if the USA just stopped helping Israel in any way.

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well i guess someone has a case of “islamophobia” considering you went off on a rant about “moslems”. but let’s go ahead make a counter to your ignorant and uneducated myths. it was christians and jews who were carrying out atrocities in africa by going over there and kidnapping africans and putting them on ships and sending them to become slaves all over the world, they did that for thousands of years and to this in america and europe blacks are treated as second class citizens. it was christiand crusaders who went into the middle east and africa and plundered and killed millions of people to try and convert them, make slaves out of them or steal their lands and wealth. it was christiand fundamentalist who carried out the holocaust against jews and killed millions of jews. it was christians who went to america and killed and displaced thousands of native americans and who are now forced to live on unliviable was christians who went into latin american and killed thousands of indiginous people and stole their lands and resources. it was christians who came into the middle east and africa and started seperating and diving people and to this day have created tribal and class conflicts. in the last few years it was christian armies from usa, france, and england that bombed and killed and hundered and thousands of innocent people in iraq, afghanitan, and now pakistan. it was the christiand and jews serbs who carried out genocide against millions of albanians and bosnians in the early 1990s. it was christians who went and dropped atomic bombs and killing thousands of japanese. its jewsish extremist who are now holding millions of people hostage in a concentration camp in palestine and they are backed by christian extremist. before you write up racist bigoty comments, i suggest you learn your history first.

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