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Feeling the Pulse of the West Bank

August 30, 2009

PALESTINIANS/ECONOMYOn both sides of the conflict, from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian economy has been put in the spotlight.

Fayyad says a state could be ready by 2011 if Palestinians started developing it now, instead of waiting for a final peace agreement. Fayyad has recently released a plan laying the groundwork for a Palestinian state through economic and infrastructural development. (Read more here).

And since his election this March, Netanyahu has pushed his plan for “economic peace,” saying he will boost the Palestinian economy as a way of working towards peace. His orders to remove several checkpoints throughout the West Bank is touted by supporters as a boon to economic development. But Netanyahu’s plan is criticized by skeptics for measures that may turn out to be temporary and reversible. (Read more here)

So how is the West Bank doing?

We sent reporters around the West Bank to get a sense of how the push for economic development is being felt on the ground, from Jenin in the north, to Hebron in the south.

Click here for an overview of the West Bank’s economic development, where “Palestinians looking through the prism of 42 years of occupation are suspicious even of supposed ‘good news’.”

And if you’re thinking of investing in the West Bank–think again, say foreign born Palestinian businessmen who argue that economic conditions in the West Bank, for them, are worse than ever.


Which economic plans you are talking about with the absence of the Palestinian infrastructure. i think, you really need to re-evaluate the situation. the west Bank Market relays on the Israeli market. What Natanhau has said, is media propaganda in order to avoid previous peace agreements-record, and you are helping him out. Rather than talking about his plans. Why don’t you mention the West Bank wall that scattered the land. The air the sea the real infrastructure. I wish to see an objective journalist.


Thank you, Osama. I would recommend again the story linked to above at  /idUSTRE57Q1GW20090827 for a full assessment of the difficulties and changes in the West Bank.

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Dose not make any difference, trade is not the Palestinian economy. if someone said, i will boost the Palestinian economy-trade whatever, do you realy think, he mean it ! anyhow, thanks for your response but i don’t need from any one to explain tha fact! have a nice day.


Militarily – if Iran launches a nuclear warhead at Israel, does Israel have sufficient technology and time to respond?

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