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Photo highlights from the Holy Land

September 6, 2009

This image shot by Jerusalem based Reuters photographer Ronen Zvulun of storks flying over the Judean Desert is among the latest “Photo highlights from the Holy Land”.

Click below to view a multimedia presentation by Sharon Perry showcasing some of the best Reuters images from Israel and the Palestinian Territories during the week of August 24-31, 2009.


I am commenting n the audacity if the Israeli Govt. to continue building on land tnat belongs to the Palestinians. what shot memories they have. “This (the holocaust) must never happen again”. so said the Jews not aany years ago. It is! And the cretins doing it are Jews.

Posted by John L | Report as abusive

Without getting sinto the dispute about peace, Palestinians, West Bank, settlements, negotiations, Hamas etc., I would simply point out that I am a Jew, not an Israeli, and I do not approve of the expansion of West Bank settlements, so please distinguish between what happens in the political state of Israel and those people living throughout the world who are Jews. Why do you condemn Jews in general rather than a specific policy of an Israeli govt?

Posted by fred lapides | Report as abusive

I would agree with my jewish brethern mr. Lapides. as a muslim, the conditions of palestine are a crime against humanity. But i do not see them as crimes being commited by the jews, instead it is the israeli government who is giving the jews a black eye. just like the taliban and al-qaeda have given us muslims a black eye, the israeli government is one of the biggest terrorist organizations in this world.muslims do not and never will hate jews and I hope it is the same the other way around.

Posted by Hassan | Report as abusive

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