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Operation Goldstone?

September 16, 2009


Israeli media reacted strongly to the report issued by the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza  Conflict, which criticised both the Israeli military and Palestinian militants for actions that could be considered war crimes during the December-January Gaza War. A “declaration of war” and “classic anti-Semitism” against Israel were some of the descriptions used by the Israeli media . (Read more about the report here.)

The media reports noted that Justice Richard Goldstone, a South African, is Jewish.

Media coverage in Israel generally addressed the question of the report’s factual accuracy. Commentators also cited fears in Israel that on the basis of the report, its military officers and politicians could face foreign prosecution, during overseas trips, for alleged crimes against humanity.  All agreed the Goldstone report would cause further damage to Israel’s international image.

“Hundreds of millions throughout the world were exposed to [the report], and they do not read the details (in this case, the negative details), but only buy the headlines.  In their eyes, we are war criminals, contemptible people, killers of small children,” wrote Eitan Haber in a commentary which ran under the headline “This is a declaration of war” in the leading Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth. “This, at the moment, is the image that is being created for us throughout the world as villains, evil, cruel, murderers.”

An opinion piece in the Israel Hayom daily called the 575-report for the United Nations as “classic anti-Semitism in liberal thinking patterns”. The newspaper described as “a hypocrisy” the appointment of Judge Goldstone, who is Jewish, to head the committee.

Goldstone’s daughter Nicole Goldstone, who once lived in Israel,  said in an interview with Israeli Army Radio that her father is a Zionist.

“My father loves Israel and I think that it was hard to see and hear what he saw and heard. I think he saw, read, and heard what he didn’t expect to see, read or hear. And I know – 100 percent – that he did this with the hope of finding a long-term solution and cooperation for Israel,” she said.

(PHOTO: Justice Richard Goldstone, Head of the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, releases the panel’s findings in the UN Fact Finding Report during a news conference at the United Nations in New York, September 15, 2009.  REUTERS/Mark Garten/UN Photo/Handout)


Anyone who reads the entire report with an unbiased eye will be completely appalled at what Israel has done to the captive population of the Gaza Strip.

No amount of spin or hand-wringing by Israel and its so-called “supporters” can change the very real facts revealed in the report.

Posted by Michael Hess | Report as abusive

No doubt that Richard Goldstone investigation was under Hamas supervision and tight control. There are mounting evidences from credible sources who must be anonymous due to death threat from Hamas as they are living in Gaza. Interesting that Richard Goldstone was perfectly informed of this, but decided to go on with fake and Hamas-staged and controlled investigation. His data is contradicts to precious complaints from Gaza residents on Hamas using civilians as human shield and civilian infrastructure for military purposes by Italian and other newspapers and UN officials.
The same was in Lebanon, where HRW and AI knowingly participated in Hezbullah-staged and controlled investigations; and in Second intifada, when western journalists made an agreement with Arafat to be controlled in what they were reporting.

Mark Bernadiner, Ph.D.

Posted by Mark Bernadiner | Report as abusive

Proud to be South African as Justice Richard Goldstone who was part of the struggle against Apartheid. Many Jews were involved in this struggle in South Africa


There’s no image being created of the IDF as villains, evil, cruel and murderers because that’s what they are. Finally the world sees the truth without the biased intervention of the mainstream media. Terrorism and war crimes are not exclusive actions of Hamas and here are the proof no matter how badly Israel tries to hide them.

Posted by Paul Alexander | Report as abusive

Sad truths:

1. Hamas was launching rockets at Israel. Anyone care to say what Israel should have done instead? Do nothing while rockets fall? Invade the whole strip with infantry and drive the Palestinians into egypt? Send a small platoon in to arrest the rocket launcher and hope they come out alive?

2. UN law states that when a legitimate enemy target is hit, innocent people are allowed to die in the explosion. If military targets are hidden in civilian areas, civilians die. And it is all legal. If this confuses or upsets you, go read up your international law. You might be surprised.

3. Hamas was launching indiscriminate rockets at city areas, intentionally aiming at civilians. Israel was launching rockets at military targets, hidden in civilian areas. If you fail to see the difference, it is probably your simple lack of perception.

4. Even before this investigation started, the HR council already made resolution that Israel was the aggressor, and that war crimes had been committed. Even before any investigation was made. Want to guess which nations hold the vote balance in the council? Or the racial demographic those nations belong to? And the UN wonders why it no longer has any credibility?

Posted by Haha | Report as abusive

The Human Rights Council has dealt a blow to all governments seeking to defend their citizens from terrorist attacks.

The Human Rights Council has annulled centuries of international law – it has announced: “Terrorism Pays!”

In its zeal to attack Israel, the Human Rights Council has undermined the basic right of all states to self defense.

Posted by Olga | Report as abusive

what a joke…israel can do no wrong. recently you notice a similar trend amongst the US right wing conservatives. anytime a citizen is critical of the US or Israel, he/she is unpatriotic/traitor/antisemite.

take the facts and yes these are the facts. vast majority of the people are not stupid…they recognize wrong!

Posted by isaac | Report as abusive

Daily, during that conflict, I was watching Aljazeera live, with Ayman Mohyeldin reporting from Gaza. There is no doubt the Israeli forces were spreading appalling devastation, death and bloodshed, leveling hospitals and schools, scrawling sick graffiti, and often behaving as if they were on a murderous high. It should be possible to match events in the report with film made on the ground at that time.

Posted by Nicholas Wibberley | Report as abusive

If the Palestinians had attached Israel with F16s and helicopter gunships instead of crude homemade rockets, then they probably would not be called terrorists. Only the weaker party, in terms of fire power, is called the terrorist, it seems.

Israel is an illegal nuclear weapons state, but yet it has the gall to make threats against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Wow!

What does this tell the world? That acquiring advanced weapons is the way to go, and things like the nuclear non-proliferation treaty are for wimps!

Posted by Hari Singh | Report as abusive

“Anyone who reads the entire report with an unbiased eye” Would know instantly its completely biased. One member of this so called “Commission” Christine Chinkin signed a letter in the Times last March which stated:

‘Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is not self-defense – it’s a war crime. The rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas deplorable as they are, do not, in terms of scale and effect amount to an armed attack entitling Israel to rely on self-defense…Israel’s actions amount to aggression, not self-defense’.

” IDF as villains, evil, cruel and murderers because that’s what they are.”

Lets take a closer look at this statement … We all agree the IDF has massive fire power. If they wanted to obliterate the Arabs in a few days, it could easily be done – BUT IT ISN’T. The Jordanians according to the Palestinians murdered 10,000 Palestinians in 11 days during the infamous Black September. The IDF total casualty in population density that has few rivals in a months fighting was 1400. The stats along prove the IDF far from being “murderers” show more restraint then any other Army. Perhaps that’s their biggest mistake – not ending this as ANY ARAB army would have done 60 years ago when they had the chance.
To make wild baseless statements that the IDF are this and that only indicate where the writer of such drivel is coming from …

And finally to Hari Singh … no they aren’t called “terrorists” because they are “weaker” but because they target women and children and old people specifically. They also target athletes, cripples in wheelchairs, kids at discos and anyone who gets in their way. The sooner they are eliminated from the earth, the sooner the planet will be better off

Posted by Steven Michealson | Report as abusive

Putting Ph.D. at the end of your name means nothing.
When that Ph.D. was given to you by some fake institute in Russia in engineering, it means even less than nothing.

Your hateful rhetoric is nothing more than baseless drivel and people like you give a bad name to America, and to the religious foundation this country was built on.

Posted by USSRPHD | Report as abusive

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