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Tony Blair assailed at a Palestinian mosque

October 20, 2009

tonyblairTony Blair, the Middle East envoy for the “Quartet” of powers – the European Union, the United States, Russia and the United Nations, was assailed by a Palestinian man during a visit to a mosque in the West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday.

“You are terrorism,” the man shouted as guards tried to cover his mouth. “He is not welcome in the land of Palestine.”

Blair did not appear to be shaken. He told reporters most Palestinians and Israelis want a peaceful resolution to the conflict. “Frankly it’s not protests that will do that. It’s patient negotiation,” he added.

Read more about the incident and why many Arabs don’t like the former British prime minister here.

Click below to watch the incident, filmed live at the ancient mosque of Hebron on October 20, 2009:

PHOTO: Middle East envoy Tony Blair passes through an Israeli checkpoint during his visit to the West Bank city of Hebron October 20, 2009. REUTERS/Nayef Hashlamoun


Blair would bring shame on the EU. He failed to promote or further the European ideal whilst Premier of his country and to date the UK has neither adopted Schengen nor the Euro. He promised the British Electorate a referendum on Europe but again failed to deliver. Britain remains outside the European mainstream because of Mr Blair’s failure to commit to Europe. His part in the illegal war with Iraq make him wholly unsuitable for this post. An Iraq War Enquiry currently being held in Britain is facing calls for those found responsible to face War Crimes charges. He has callously used his warrior contacts to secure extremely lucrative consultancies in vulnerable countries and his record as Middle East Peace Envoy is laughable. The StopBlair online petition is approaching 40.000 signatures and don’t forget the millions across the world who demonstrated against him and Bush in 2003. Blair at the head of Europe would be a travesty.

Posted by Strappara | Report as abusive

Its funny to see Tony Blair trying to work out a “peace Plan”, this is the same bafoon who stood shoulder to shoulder with bush to help the lead the unneccessary invasion of iraq. this whole “peace process” is a joke, you have an unelected official in Mahmoud abbas who is despised by the palestinains for being a puppet for israel and the west. what makes anyone think that the same people who helped create this conflict (america, england, france, rest of europe) will help resolve this conflict. its time for non-biased parties (perhaps countries like China, Brazil, South Africa,turkey, India, will have more interest in actually trying to resolve this conflict) to try and resolve this issue. if all else fails, then let the israelis and palestinains go at it by themselves, whether they resolve this issue or kill each other over it. they got themselves in this mess, let them get out themselves.

Posted by sidney | Report as abusive

Well done to the Palestinian man. But it would have been nice to see a volley of shoes greet his smug face – a more appropriate welcome for a war crimes suspect

Posted by Nu'man El-Bakri | Report as abusive

As UK PM, Blair failed to condemn the insane Israeli rampage in Lebanon in 2006, and Blair was silent during the murderous Israli attack on Gaza more recently.

Posted by James Canning | Report as abusive

I live in Hebron. This is very surprising. If I just knew about this visit, I would very proud to meet Mr Blair. That protester doesn’t represent the people of Hebron. We are vey sorry for you Mr Blair.

Posted by Sami | Report as abusive

This honest and courageous Palestinian man speaks for all palestinians when he says Tony Blair (and the UK government) are terrorists.

Its a disgrace that the corrupt security men try to cover his mouth in his own country.

Blair has no business stepping foot on any Palestinian land. I recommend that he goes back to the UK and confess to all the crimes he has committed while in office including the mass murdering of millions of Iraqis, Afghanis, and Palestinians.

Blair and Abbas are both a disgrace to humanity!

Posted by palestinian american | Report as abusive

Nice to see a picture of Blair behind bars….Next stop the Hague?


Appointing Blair as a peace envoy would seem on a par with appointing Pol Pot as a cultural ambassador.

I don’t think anybody believes that Blair is capable of achieving anything other than some kind of non-deal with Abbas (who seems quite prepared to give up any notion of Palestinian independence in return for Israeli military help against Hamas, so that he can cling to what little power he has).

Ultimately Israel has covered land it claimed it occupied for “security” with settlements full of its civilians and then justifies occupation to protect these people who shouldn’t be there in the first place. It has finally admitted it has no intention of stopping such settlement, and the complete colonisation of what was Palestine now seems inevitable.

Blair is just wasting money swanning around like this – he makes me ashamed to be British.

Posted by Mart | Report as abusive

Who expects this mass murderer of Arabs in Iraq to find peace for Arabs in Palestine?

Posted by vince porter | Report as abusive

I find some of the views on here slightly narrow-minded to say the least. Deeming Tony Blair to be unsuitable for the European job based on his role in the invasion on Iraq is one side of the coin, but let’s not forget some of the details that drove those decisions. A significant majority of the UK have indicated that should a referendum be held then they would vote “No”. How can Blair be singled out to blame when holding a referendum would achieve a result that would destroy the EU? Back in 2003, less than 40% of the British public indicated that they were wholly against the Iraq invasion. This means that the majority of the public supported the invasion. Certainly, the basis of our decisions were due to incorrect/fictitious American intelligence so the blame should be placed on America. I support the view that “non-biased parties” like China, Brazil, etc, should be part of the peace process, but we all know that those countries don’t hold much clout in global foreign policy and so the Palestinians/Israelis are less likely to listen to a proposal from them. It would therefore appear that Blair is the best of the worst that the western world can offer, and his global influence is exactly what the EU needs.

Posted by Lexcoups | Report as abusive

you make some valid and strong points, however, the fact that blair allowed himself to be pawned and played by bush, the CIA, is still a mistake he made and nothing he can do will forgive that considering the state of iraq today. also the Mi5 and Mi6 organization had just as much to do with providing the intel (or lack there of) on iraq as the CIA did, so he does not get a pass at all. your statement saying that China, India,Brazil,etc do not hold much clout in foreign global policy is false. the would actually have more clout because they are not see as occupiers, cursaders, colonizers like the way the americans and europeans are. as long as it its those same countries inovled in this “peace” process, there never will be any peace, because all of them are huge supporters of israel, so they have lost all credibility in these negotiations. even obama for all his popularity at the end of the day cannot acheive peace because of his loyalty to israel.

Posted by Hassan | Report as abusive

Tony Blair is a decent man and he is bending himself backwards to push the peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians forward. Trying to pin the blame on him is not fair. He is a very capable, humane statesman. All statesmen make errors of judgement at some stage of their political careers. Tony made the error of supporting George Bush implicitly. But one has to look at the context. America and Great Britain have been staunch partners. The evil head of terrorism had touched the heart of America as well as that of the United Kingdom. So anti-terrorism cooperation was very much on the cards. Bush and Blair had some sort of chemistry!



You make some valid and strong points.

But as you are aware, China, Brazil and India have all been colonized nations. And could be seen to be biased towards the Palestinians. Especially if the negotiators treat the issue as a colonial one, rather then a matter of negotiating peace after conflict.

It is important to remember that Israel is vital to the peace process, as it holds most of the cards.

If it feels that negotiations are not in good faith, it can simply end the process and simply resign itself to having hostile nations on it’s borders.

Posted by Saywat | Report as abusive

Bravo to the courageous Palestinian man unafraid to confront the war-mongering, apologist to US and British imperialism, Tony Blair. Blair is right on one count: there are people on all sides who really do want a real peace; peace with justice, that is, and not the alleged “peace” of a defeated people, quieted by exhaustion and military defeat. Shame on bully Blair and his old friend bully Bush. Yes, indeed, Olmert, Bush, Blair – to the Hague!

Posted by Kate Daher | Report as abusive

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