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High-flying drones and ocean-bottom tanks feature at Israeli water show

November 8, 2009

Israeli companies will unveil this month an array of new technologies that will save and maximize use of the world’s most valuable resource… water.

The systems range from a drone that flies 300 metres (900 feet) above ground to fight water leaks– described this week in a recent Reuters article on fighting global leakage – to a petroleum gas storage system that sits on the ocean floor.

Drone-Take offDrone-parachute

Arad Technologies’ water meter-reading drone takes off near Tel Aviv and then parachutes down after completing its flight. REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen


Water technology is one of the things Israel does best. Two thirds of the country is arid, and its first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, famously declared that Israel would only survive if it could “make the desert bloom”.

Since then, Israeli companies have been pioneers in the field and many of of their developments have penetrated the global market.

You can take a look at some of the more intriguing systems to be exhibited at the government-sponsored WATEC conference in Tel Aviv on Nov 17-19 by clicking here.

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