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Jan 20, 2015

EU parliament committee drops 2019 carbon reform option -sources

BRUSSELS, Jan 20 (Reuters) – EU politicians have dropped a
compromise plan to begin action in 2019 to revive the carbon
market, parliamentary sources said on Tuesday, ahead of a vote
this week viewed as a test of the European Parliament’s appetite
for early reform.

The Emissions Trading System (ETS) is designed to make
polluters pay for their emissions but a surplus of more than 2
billion carbon allowances generated by economic crisis has
crushed the market.

Jan 19, 2015

EU politicians seek to revive sluggish carbon market

BRUSSELS/LONDON (Reuters) – European politicians are expected this week to back by a narrow majority early action to bolster prices on the EU carbon market and sharpen a weapon against climate change that recession has blunted.

Thursday’s vote, one of several legislative stages, will be closely watched by traders.

Jan 16, 2015

Germany wants robust single energy market, at odds with Britain

BRUSSELS, Jan 16 (Reuters) – Europe’s energy union needs to
be bolstered by EU laws binding on each nation, Germany said in
a policy paper seen by Reuters that sets it at odds with

The European Commission, the EU executive, is expected to
publish proposals on a more closely-linked single energy market
in the coming weeks as part of a drive to curb dependence on
Europe’s dominant energy supplier Russia.

Jan 15, 2015

Two reported dead in Belgian counter-terrorism raid

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Two people were killed during a raid on suspected Islamist radicals in the Belgian town of Verviers on Thursday, local media said, raising concerns about security in Europe a week after Islamists killed 17 people in Paris.

Judiciary officials confirmed only that a counter-terrorism operation took place near the centre of the town, in the east of the country between the city of Liege and the German border. They plan a news briefing at 8 p.m. (1900 GMT).

Jan 15, 2015

Some coal plant exports should get financial aid: EU policy paper

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European makers of equipment for coal-fired power plants should receive financial help to export it, an EU discussion paper seen by Reuters says, in a clash with the bloc’s declared aim to lead the global fight against climate change.

Coal is the most polluting fossil fuel, emitting around twice as much carbon dioxide as natural gas when used to generate power.

Jan 14, 2015

European lawmakers torn over how early to begin carbon market reform

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European politicians meeting on Wednesday ahead of a critical vote next week on reforming the European Carbon market were unable to agree on a single date, putting forward both 2017 and 2019 as deadlines to begin action.

The EU’s Emissions Trading System is the bloc’s flagship policy to cut greenhouse gas emissions by charging for the right to emit carbon dioxide, but weak economic growth across Europe has cut industrial production and energy demand, creating a glut of more than 2 billion permits.

Jan 13, 2015

EU vote gives governments the choice to grow GM crops

BRUSSELS, Jan 13 (Reuters) – Individual EU nations will be
able to ban cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops under
a compromise deal agreed on Tuesday that ends years of deadlock
over the barbed issue and could actually boost GM farming.

A list of GM products is awaiting EU approval and Tuesday’s
vote in the European Parliament opens the way for the
authorities to review it.

Jan 12, 2015

EU should curb mercury emissions from cremations, campaigners say

BRUSSELS, Jan 12 (Reuters) – Environment campaigners are
calling for curbs on mercury emissions from human cremations as
part of pollution controls that EU authorities will debate this

Increased cremation as shortage of land makes burial
expensive has coincided with a rise in emissions of the toxic
metal from fillings in teeth. An average cremation releases 2 to
4 grammes of mercury, data compiled by U.S. researchers shows.

Dec 19, 2014

Merckx and Ickx feted as Belgium’s speed demons

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Eddy Merckx did it on a bicycle, Jacky Ickx drove fast for Formula 1. Now that both are approaching 70, an exhibition is celebrating their feats as two of history’s speediest Belgians.

The stunning accomplishments of the “fast friends” are chronicled in an exhibition that runs until June 21, just after Merckx’s 70th birthday on June 17. Ickx turns 70 on Jan. 1.

Dec 17, 2014

EU lawmakers fail to approve tar sands oil veto

BRUSSELS, Dec 17 (Reuters) – An attempt by some European
politicians to veto the import of tar sands oil failed on
Wednesday after a European Parliament vote, giving a boost to
Canada but dismaying green campaigners.

After years of lobbying from Canada, the European Commission
published a new plan in October on reporting the greenhouse gas
intensity of transport fuels. It abandoned the idea of labelling
tar sands oil as highly polluting.