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Jul 7, 2015

EU’s Juncker challenges Greeks, Germans to avoid Grexit

STRASBOURG (Reuters) – Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU’s chief executive, chided the Greek government and his own German critics on Tuesday and pledged to counter those he said were secretly trying to force Greece out of the euro zone.

In a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg ahead of a crunch euro summit in Brussels later in the day, the European Commission president said he would work to avoid Grexit but warned: “There are some in the European Union who openly or secretly are working to exclude Greece from the euro zone.”

Jul 2, 2015

Biggest obstacle to Russia gas deal is Moscow’s refusal to sign -Naftogaz

BRUSSELS, July 1 (Reuters) – The biggest obstacle to a gas
supply deal between Moscow and Kiev is not the price, but
Russia’s refusal to sign a legally binding agreement, the head
of Ukraine’s state gas firm Naftogaz said in an interview on

Naftogaz Chief Executive Andriy Kobolev was
speaking in Brussels the day after talks between Ukraine and
Russia, brokered by the European Commission, collapsed without
agreement, leading Ukraine to halt imports of gas from Russia.

Jun 30, 2015

BP’s chief economist sees U.S. shale weathering oil surplus

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Shale output in the United States will prove resilient to low oil prices likely to be prolonged by the prospect of half a million barrels per day of Iranian crude making its way back to the market, BP’s chief economist said on Tuesday.

Talks in Vienna between world powers trying to end sanctions on Tehran in return for limits on Iran’s most sensitive nuclear activities could bring a significant increase in Iranian oil exports.

Jun 29, 2015

China works for ‘win-win’ climate plan, poised for pledge

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – China is seeking a fair, global system to tackle climate change and is about to make a joint announcement on the environment, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said before a summit in Brussels with top European Union officials on Monday.

Expectations are high that China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, is about to submit to the United Nations a promise to cut emissions ahead of U.N. climate talks late this year in Paris.

Jun 28, 2015

EU tries to look beyond Greece to deepen China ties

BRUSSELS, June 29 (Reuters) – The European Union will
briefly put aside worries about Greece to broaden its relations
with China at a summit in Brussels on Monday, hoping for Chinese
investment in Europe’s new infrastructure fund and support for a
global climate deal.

As China seeks to move Sino-European ties beyond trade and
win a bigger role in international affairs, the European Union
is relieved to find a more cooperative partner, agreeing to play
down tensions that have bedevilled relations in the past.

Jun 26, 2015

Greece’s creditors step up push for energy reforms

BRUSSELS, June 26 (Reuters) – The price of a deal to unlock
funds for Greece includes “irreversible steps” to privatise its
power network and making energy reforms that EU regulators have
been demanding for years, its creditors say.

The demands are not the biggest sticking point in attempts
to prevent a Greek default by a June 30 deadline. But they have
met resistance in Athens, with the privatisation absent from its
counter-proposal to creditors.

Jun 25, 2015

EU ministers seek ambitious, binding deal at Paris climate talks: draft

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union ministers are seeking an ambitious, durable and legally binding deal to curb global warming, enforced through five-yearly reviews, a draft of their position statement for U.N. climate talks shows.

EU environment ministers meet on Sept. 18 in Brussels to iron out their joint position ahead of the U.N. talks in Paris in December. Diplomats have already drawn up a draft text.

Jun 23, 2015

European policymakers seek more cross-border power trade–draft

BRUSSELS/LONDON (Reuters) – An EU-wide system for cross-border intra-day power trade needs to be set up as part of the bloc’s plans for a fully connected European energy market with secure, affordable supplies, according to a draft European Commission document.

The plan is expected to be published in July as the European Commission presses for completion of a single energy market across the European Union and seeks a radical overhaul to incorporate increased volumes of supplies from intermittent wind and solar-powered generation.

Jun 23, 2015

Ukraine appeals to EU over ‘illegal’ Gazprom-Slovak pipeline contract

BRUSSELS, June 23 (Reuters) – Kiev has appealed to the
European Union over an agreement between Slovak pipeline
operator Eustream and Russia’s Gazprom that it says violates EU
law in allowing Gazprom to prevent reverse flows back to Ukraine
in a key pipeline, according to a document seen by Reuters.

Ukraine, seeking energy independence from Russia, has
repeatedly asked Slovakia to allow reverse flows through one of
four main pipelines at the Uzhgorod-Velke Kapusany gas transit
points on the Ukraine-Slovak border; but Eustream has declined,
citing the agreement with Russian supplier Gazprom’s export arm.

Jun 18, 2015

Four EU nations urge European Commission to set ‘challenging’ 2025 car emissions goal

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Four EU nations and a European politicians from across the political divide called on the European Commission to publish next year a challenging 2025 emissions standard for new cars.

Limits on how much carbon dioxide cars can emit has had a major impact on cutting fuel consumption and improving air quality in the European Union.