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Mar 12, 2014

EU parliament excludes shale gas from tougher environmental code

BRUSSELS, March 12 (Reuters) – EU politicians on Wednesday voted for tougher
rules on exposing the environmental impact of oil and conventional gas
exploration, while excluding shale gas.

Member states such as Britain and Poland are pushing hard for the
development of shale gas, seen as one way to lessen dependence on Russian gas,
as well as to lower energy costs as it has in the United States.

Mar 12, 2014

EU parliament backs law to curb “super” greenhouse gases

LONDON/BRUSSELS March 12 (Reuters) – The European Parliament
on Wednesday backed a law to curb the use of “super” greenhouse
gases used in fridges and air conditioners, which have a global
warming potential thousands of times greater than carbon

Lawmakers meeting in Strasbourg, France voted 644 to 19 in
favour of a European Commission proposal to cut the use of
climate-harming hydrofluorocarbons, known as HFCs or ‘F-gases’,
by 79 percent below average 2009-2012 levels by 2030.

Mar 11, 2014

Ukraine crisis spurs EU to cut reliance on Russian gas

BRUSSELS, March 11 (Reuters) – Russia’s seizure of the
Crimea region of Ukraine is spurring the European Union to renew
efforts to end decades of dependence on Russian gas by
developing its own energy supplies and pushing for greater
access to abundant U.S. resources.

Ukraine is an important transit route for shipping Russian
gas by pipeline to the EU, which relies on Moscow for about a
third of its supplies.

Mar 11, 2014

EU leaders to urge greater effort to cut gas imports

BRUSSELS, March 11 (Reuters) – European Union leaders will
call for greater efforts to cut reliance on imported gas at a
Brussels summit next week, a draft document shows, underlining
their concern about strained relations with dominant energy
supplier Russia over Ukraine.

Ukraine is a transit route for shipping Russian gas to the
EU, which relies on Russia for about a third of its supplies.

Mar 10, 2014

EU deals blow to two big Russian gas pipeline projects

FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS, March 10 (Reuters) – Brussels dealt a
blow on Monday to two major Russian pipeline projects to supply
natural gas to Europe, in the latest sign of strains in the
energy links between Moscow and the European Union.

Russia’s seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea region has already
shaken political relations between Russia and the European

Mar 6, 2014

EU sets out three steps to pressure Russia over Ukraine

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union leaders agreed to suspend visa and investment talks with Russia on Thursday in reaction to its seizure of Crimea, and said they would freeze Russian assets and withdraw from a G8 summit if Russia does not reverse course.

After six hours of talks to discuss how to respond to Russia’s maneuvers against Ukraine, EU leaders took more far-reaching action than expected, spurred in part by a decision in the Crimean parliament to secede from Ukraine and join Russia.

Mar 6, 2014

Europe fears gas shortages if Russia cuts off Ukraine

BRUSSELS, March 6 (Reuters) – European Union countries such
as Poland and Greece are worried they may face gas shortages and
economic damage if Russia stops pumping the fuel to Ukraine,
with Kiev facing a Friday deadline to pay Moscow a $2 billion
energy bill.

EU authorities on Monday convened an urgent session of the
bloc’s Gas Coordination Group, set up following previous energy
disputes between Moscow and Kiev, to assess contingencies “in
case a major disruption takes place” following Russia’s seizure
of Ukraine’s Crimea region, a document seen by Reuters shows.

Mar 4, 2014

EU reaches tentative deal on aviation emissions

BRUSSELS, March 4 (Reuters) – The European Union on Tuesday
reached a preliminary deal on a law that will exempt long-haul
flights from paying for carbon emissions until 2016, EU sources

The deal is a further weakening of the bloc’s stance
following immense international pressure and threats of a trade

Mar 4, 2014

EU Commission worried about Ukraine gas supply, not Europe’s

BRUSSELS, March 4 (Reuters) – European Union policymakers
are concerned about the risk of gas shortages in Ukraine, but
there is no immediate threat to supplies in Europe, where stocks
are high after a mild winter, Energy Commissioner Guenther
Oettinger said on Tuesday.

Ukraine has strategic importance as a major gas transit
nation for supplies from Russia to the European Union, which
relies on Russia for about a quarter of its gas.

Mar 3, 2014

Thirteen ministers urge EU to agree green energy goals in March

BRUSSELS, March 3 (Reuters) – Thirteen ministers on Monday
urged the European Union to reach agreement on the main elements
of 2030 environment and energy policy this month or risk
deterring investors and delaying efforts to get a global deal on
climate change.

Among the rest of the 28 EU member states, the most
prominent opposition has come from Poland, which says there is
no hurry to reach a political deal.