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Mar 18, 2013

Fuel efficiency law to get EU on road to growth -study

BRUSSELS, March 18 (Reuters) – Proposed European legislation
on auto fuel efficiency, to be debated this week, could create
around 400,000 jobs and save the bloc tens of billions of euros
in annual fuel costs, according to a new study.

The fuel efficiency proposals, set for an initial vote in
the European Parliament on Tuesday, have split the industry.
Germany, home to luxury carmakers, has pressed for supercredits,
which the European Commission says would dilute its plans.

Mar 14, 2013

Nobel Prize winners urge Obama to back carbon pricing

BRUSSELS, March 14 (Reuters) – A group of leading
economists, including eight Nobel Prize winners, has written to
U.S. President Barack Obama urging him to support a carbon price
on aviation.

An EU law requiring all aircraft using EU airports to pay
for emissions via the bloc’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) last
year stirred international outcry and threats of a trade war.

Mar 13, 2013

Germany makes new offer over EU-Daimler coolant spat -sources

BRUSSELS, March 13 (Reuters) – Germany has written to the EU
executive with a new set of proposals aiming to break a deadlock
over law requiring carmakers to stop using extremely potent
greenhouse gases in air cooling systems, EU sources said.

The problem for Germany is that luxury car giant Daimler AG
says the new, less polluting fluid on the market is
dangerously flammable and is refusing to use it.

Mar 12, 2013

European Commission outlines 2030 green energy goals

BRUSSELS, March 12 (Reuters) – The European Commission has
outlined new targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and
using more green energy by 2030, according to a policy paper
seen by Reuters.

The paper reflects industry demands that climate goals have
to take account of the economic crisis but still presses for an
economy that produces less carbon and is less dependent on
expensive fossil fuel imports.

Mar 11, 2013

EU transport boss says new law can jump-start green sector

BRUSSELS, March 11 (Reuters) – Europe will lag China, Japan
and the United States unless it embraces a proposed law
requiring millions of new refuelling points across the European
Union for electric and natural gas vehicles, the EU transport
boss said on Monday.

EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas was kicking off the
first ministerial debate on a proposal some in the industry say
is the most significant yet for alternative transport fuel.

Mar 7, 2013

Actor Jeremy Irons talks trash with EU bureaucrats

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – British actor Jeremy Irons hates waste with a passion – so much so that he overcame his natural dislike of regulation to team up with the EU bureaucrats and inject some movie magic into the bloc’s latest plans on recycling rubbish.

The Oscar-winning Irons took to the Commission podium on Thursday, alongside the EU environment commissioner, to kick off months of debate on plastic waste.

Mar 7, 2013

EU court dismisses Polish challenge to carbon permit rules

LUXEMBOURG, March 7 (Reuters) – The European Union’s second
highest court on Thursday dismissed a Polish challenge to the
European Commission over the allocation of free carbon permits
to energy-intensive industry.

The verdict was a rare piece of positive news for the EU
Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which is meant to be the prime
EU tool for engineering a shift to a low carbon economy, but has
been struggling with a surplus of allowances generated by

Mar 4, 2013

Carbon pricing needed to control airline CO2 emissions: study

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Aviation pollution can only be stabilized by the middle of the century if a price is set on airline carbon emissions, research said, countering industry hopes that green goals can be met via technology improvements and biofuels.

A European Union scheme to force airlines using EU airports to pay for their carbon emissions caused an international outcry, forcing the European Commission to propose a year-long freeze of its law.

Mar 1, 2013

Carbon market debate leans towards tighter pollution cap

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Hours of debate on reform of the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme on Friday showed support for tighter annual pollution limits, but hardly any backing for a change to an overall EU 2020 goal on carbon cutting.

Both measures would reduce the oversupply of carbon allowances, which pushed the EU ETS to a record low of less than three euros per tonne earlier this year.

Feb 28, 2013

Heavy goods vehicles cost Europe billions in health damage

BRUSSELS, Feb 28 (Reuters) – Air pollution from heavy goods
vehicles costs Europe 43 billion to 46 billion euros ($56-$60
billion) per year – a cost that could be passed on to the
hauliers, a report from the European Environment Agency said on

The bill is especially high in Switzerland and Luxembourg,
which are major transit routes and are landlocked. Heavily
indebted Italy is also suffering because of the health costs
linked to vehicle exhaust fumes.