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Jun 17, 2014

EU top negotiator to use summer to seek Russia gas price truce

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union’s top negotiator in the gas price row between Russia and Ukraine is working to bring the two sides together again before mid-July, but said a weekend of bloodshed in Ukraine had made the task far harder.

Russia’s gas supply monopoly Gazprom turned off gas supplies to Ukraine on Monday after the latest round of talks between the European Commission, Kiev and Moscow broke down in the early hours of Monday.

Jun 13, 2014

EU energy boss says no South Stream talks while Russia appeals to WTO

LUXEMBOURG, June 13 (Reuters) – Negotiations to bring
Russia’s giant South Stream project into line with European
Union law are pointless as long as Moscow is asking the World
Trade Organisation to review the bloc’s energy rules, Europe’s
energy chief said on Friday.

Russia’s Gazprom plans to build a giant pipeline
named South Stream on the bed of the Black Sea to Bulgaria and
then to Austria to ship gas directly to the EU, bypassing
Ukraine, through which a large part of EU gas supplies currently

Jun 13, 2014

EU agrees plan to cap use of food-based biofuels

LUXEMBOURG, June 13 (Reuters) – EU energy ministers agreed a
deal on Friday to limit production of biofuels made from food
crops, responding to criticism these stoke inflation and do more
environmental harm than good.

The ministers’ endorsement of a new compromise overcomes a
stalemate hit late last year when European Union governments
failed to agree on a proposed 5 percent cap on the use of
biofuels based on crops such as maize or rapeseed.

Jun 12, 2014

Germany backs EU carbon market reform by 2017

BONN/LUXEMBOURG, June 12 (Reuters) – The German government
wants the EU’s carbon market reform plan to be implemented by
2017, four years earlier than the European Commission has
proposed, Germany’s Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said
on Thursday.

The European Commission, the EU executive, has proposed
setting up a so-called market stability reserve from 2021 to
hold and release permits to balance supply in the bloc’s
Emissions Trading System (ETS) and better respond to economic

Jun 12, 2014

EU ministers back deal with option to ban or approve GM crops

LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) – A compromise deal to give European Union states the option of banning genetically modified crops won approval from EU environment ministers on Thursday, bringing the EU closer to ending years of deadlock over GM cultivation.

Widely grown in the Americas and Asia, GM crops in Europe have divided opinion, with strong opposition in many countries, including France and Germany, while Britain favors them.

Jun 11, 2014

Putin accuses Ukraine of sabotaging gas talks

BRUSSELS/NOVO-OGARYOVO, Russia, June 11 (Reuters) – Russian
President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine on Wednesday of forcing
gas talks into a “dead end” by rejecting a price cut offer made
amid a row threatening supplies to the rest of Europe.

As Kiev demanded contract changes to lower the highest
prices in Europe for Russian gas supplies, Moscow also dug in
its heels, suggesting its proposed price cut of about one-fifth
to around $385 per 1,000 cubic metres was its final offer.

Jun 11, 2014

Gas price talks resume, Kiev rejects latest Russian offer

BRUSSELS/KIEV (Reuters) – Russia and Ukraine resumed efforts to settle their gas price row on Wednesday after Kiev rejected a proposal that would have cut its gas bill by around a fifth and averted a possible suspension of supplies that would also hit the rest of Europe.

The dispute is part of a broader stand-off between Ukraine and its former Soviet master, as Kiev’s new West-leaning leadership struggles to contain a pro-Russian separatist rebellion in its eastern provinces.

Jun 10, 2014

Russia, Ukraine to resume gas dispute talks on Wednesday

BRUSSELS, June 10 (Reuters) – Russia and Ukraine will resume
efforts to resolve a gas pricing dispute on Wednesday after a
Russian deadline for Kiev to pay some of its debts passed
without Moscow cutting off supplies.

The gas dispute is at the heart of a crisis between Russia
and Ukraine, and failing to resolve it would set back peace
moves that are gaining momentum after weeks of violence in
eastern Ukraine.

Jun 9, 2014

Russia, Ukraine to hold gas crisis talks as deadline looms

BRUSSELS, June 9 (Reuters) – Ukraine and Russia will try to
avert a gas war in last minute talks on Monday, brokered by the
European Union in the hope of preventing supply disruptions and
taking the heat out of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Russia has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine on
Tuesday if it does not pay bills that rose sharply after popular
protests toppled a pro-Moscow Ukrainian president in February.
Moscow has since annexed Crimea from Ukraine and pro-Russian
rebels are fighting security forces in the east.

Jun 5, 2014

EU proposal scraps mandatory ‘dirty’ label for tar sands

BRUSSELS, June 5 (Reuters) – European Union policymakers
propose to scrap a mandatory requirement to label oil from tar
sands as more polluting than other forms of crude following
years of lobbying from top producer Canada, according to a draft
document seen by Reuters.

The change removes one obstacle to Canada shipping crude
from tar sands to Europe, but will be criticised by
environmental campaigners.