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Jul 28, 2014

China says may have citizens fighting in Iraq

BEIJING (Reuters) – Muslim extremists from China’s far western region of Xinjiang have gone to the Middle East for training and some may have crossed into Iraq to participate in the upsurge of violence there, China’s special envoy for the Middle East said on Monday.

China has repeatedly expressed concern about the upsurge in violence in Iraq and the march of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which has seized much of the north of the country as Baghdad’s forces there collapsed.

Jul 23, 2014
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Chinese police clash with Christian protesters over cross removal


(A Catholic church in traditional Chinese architecture style in Xiliulin village near the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi province, December 23, 2012. REUTERS/Jason Lee )

Police in eastern China clashed in the middle of the night with Christian protesters massed around their church on Monday, but failed to carry out a government order to remove a cross from the building, according to witnesses and online accounts.

Jul 22, 2014

China’s secretive military cracks open door for glimpse inside

BEIJING (Reuters) – With dancing robots and smiling soldiers and to the strains of British singer George Michael, China cracked open the door on its secretive armed forces on Tuesday during Beijing’s annual attempt to assuage worries about its growing military might.

China has jangled regional nerves over the past few months with an increasing assertiveness over territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas, set against the backdrop of rising defense spending.

Jul 15, 2014

China tells U.S. to stay out of South China Seas dispute

BEIJING (Reuters) – China told the United States on Tuesday to stay out of disputes over the South China Sea and leave countries in the region to resolve problems themselves, after Washington said it wanted a freeze on stoking tension.

Michael Fuchs, U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for Strategy and Multilateral Affairs, said no country was solely responsible for escalating tension in the region. But he reiterated the U.S. view that “provocative and unilateral” behaviour by China had raised questions about its willingness to abide by international law.

Jul 8, 2014

Fearing graft probes, Chinese officials shun spotlight, seek retirement

BEIJING (Reuters) – President Xi Jinping’s crackdown on corruption has sown so much fear that many Chinese officials are doing anything to stay out of trouble – from dithering over approving big-ticket projects to seeking early retirement.

A small number of top executives under investigation at state-owned enterprises have even committed suicide.

Jul 3, 2014

With one eye on Washington, China plots its own Asia ‘pivot’

BEIJING (Reuters) – The Silk Road, an obscure Kazakh-inspired security forum and a $50 billion Asian infrastructure bank are just some of the disparate elements in an evolving Chinese strategy to try to counter Washington’s “pivot” to the region.

While Chinese leaders have not given the government’s growing list of initiatives a label or said they had an overall purpose, Chinese experts and diplomats said Beijing appeared set on shaping Asia’s security and financial architecture more to its liking.

Jun 28, 2014

China fetes India, Myanmar, says Beijing poses no threat

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping feted neighbors India and Myanmar on Saturday, dusting off the 60th anniversary of a now rather obscure agreement signed in the early days of the Cold War to pledge a rising China’s commitment to peace.

In 1954, China, India and Myanmar signed the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, promising mutual non-aggression and non-interference in internal affairs, ideals then incorporated into the Non-Aligned Movement of countries who did not wish to choose between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Jun 26, 2014

Uighur scholar kept in chains in China, lawyer says

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese authorities held a prominent Uighur academic in leg irons for 20 days and forced him to go without food, his lawyer said on Thursday, after seeing his client for the first time since he was arrested more than five months ago.

Ilham Tohti, an economics professor at Beijing’s Minzu University who has championed the rights of the Muslim Uighur people in China’s far western region of Xinjiang, was detained in January and subsequently charged with separatism.

Jun 25, 2014

China says Philippines stirring tensions after Aquino supports Japan

BEIJING (Reuters) – China on Wednesday accused the Philippines of creating tension in the region and urged Manila to show “sincerity” in upholding stability after President Benigno Aquino welcomed Japan’s more assertive military policy.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made it clear on Tuesday he wanted an early agreement with his ruling party’s dovish junior partner to ease constitutional curbs that have kept Japan’s military from fighting abroad since World War Two.

Jun 24, 2014

Chinese official looks to charm Taiwan during landmark visit

BEIJING/TAIPEI (Reuters) – China’s top official in charge of Taiwan ties will make a landmark visit to the island this week to try to woo Taiwanese who remain suspicious about a pending trade pact as well as meet a senior figure from the pro-independence opposition.

Zhang Zhijun, director of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, will be the first head of the body to visit the self-ruled and democratic island, where defeated Nationalist forces fled after losing a civil war to China’s Communists in 1949.

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