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By: mheld45 Sat, 07 Apr 2012 05:09:21 +0000 No Muslim country has accepted Al Qaeda as a significant power within its society. The Iraqis rejected them. The Saudis clearly despise them. So who cares if they have a marginal role in the Syrian uprising? And who cares if a few stray AK-47s end up in Al Qaeda’s possession? Does anyone really think that they suffer from a shortage of small arms?
Attempting to prophesize events after an event that has not yet occurred is nothing more than lame excuse-making. As in Libya, the hated dictator must be removed first. Once that occurs, then the Syrians and their allies can start to form a new government. The rebels need assistance now, before it’s too late.

By: txgadfly Sun, 26 Feb 2012 21:09:00 +0000 All this is a strange twisted chapter of the Iran / Israel crisis. Syria is Iran’s closest ally on the Mediterranean.

Israel threaten Iran. Iran threatens Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the USA ship arms to Sunni rebels in Syria to rebel against the Shia friendly Alawite Baathist government there. There is no plan other than to harass Iran before Iran can arm the Shiite peoples of Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

This is a perfect instance where the only sane response is to run away as fast as possible. There can be no win if we get involved, just as in Iraq and in Afghanistan. We will be used by everyone around, all of whom will abandon us when the going gets tough and ugly. Ever gone Snipe hunting? This is a snipe hunt.

By: Irgun Sun, 26 Feb 2012 05:08:25 +0000 I believe that these journalists and photographers are brave and sympathize
to their families.
However, the assertion that they have been ” murdered” by the
Syrian regime is a provocation and does not surve
their memory well.

The journalists were embedded with the insurgents after illegally
crossing the border.There is no proof that the Syrians knew their
We should not shed crocodile tears for the Syrian people since:

1 We support the jihadists,mercenaries and Al Qaeda elements
who killed a lot of innocent people and bomb a hospital.
The same from 9/11 Iraq and Libya.
Do we want them to be in charge in Syria?

2 We support the most oppressive regimes in the region
Including Saudis and Bahrain with their recent massacres in
the Eastern Province.

I agree with Ron Paul we shoud cut the pork for all oppressive
Regimes in the MEast and bring our soldiers home.

By: spall78 Fri, 24 Feb 2012 10:43:01 +0000 Arming the Mujahideen in Afghanistan is only the most obvious of 50+ years of backlash in arming opposition forces. We have a long, messy history of fighting proxy wars via arms and supplies… and we’re bad at it.

I know its tempting to poke our noses into everything and make sure the good guys win and bad guys lose, but the good guys and bad guys trade places every few years. Can we please, please have someone on our side playing the long game for once?

By: Janeallen Thu, 23 Feb 2012 23:59:57 +0000 Remember how the French were the first to arm the Libyan rebels. Now the new Libyan government is unabashed in proclaiming that it is giving priority and better deals of oil to the French. And civilians linked to the former regime are suffering human rights violation.

Like “Blood Diamonds”, this is “Bloody Oil”. We should have no part of it.

By: CommonSensLogic Thu, 23 Feb 2012 23:54:24 +0000 Remember the last time we armed the rebels in Afghanistan?
Those rebels were called Al Qaeda.

By: authentic Thu, 23 Feb 2012 23:07:45 +0000 The end result of the Arab Spring was to eliminate secular, Dictatorships somewhat friendly to the West by Islamic {intolerant} dominated governments who are not friendly to the West.