Echoes of Obama in Veltroni Campaign

April 4, 2008

Veltroni at a campaign rally

It’s no secret in Italy that the underdog candidate for prime minister, Walter Veltroni, likes Barack Obama — and likes him a lot.

Veltroni’s campaign motto “Si può fare” is a literal translation of Obama’s “Yes we can”, and his campaign mantra of change seems to take a page straight out of the Obama playbook. His party has sought to highlight their similarities, even quoting George Clooney saying Veltroni and Obama “are the most responsible people I have ever met”.

Veltroni acknowledges he’s looking to Obama for inspiration, and his supporters are increasingly looking across the Atlantic as well.

One good example is the music video that Veltroni’s celebrity fans put together that they acknowledge was modelled after the one that Black Eyed Peas did for Obama with the help of Scarlett Johansson.


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What does Veltroni’s rival have to say about this? Silvio Berlusconi, a conservative media mogul who is ahead in the polls, has pounced on Veltroni, calling him an Obama-wanna be. Berlusconi also has criticised Obama for taking sides in the U.S. election, asking what will Veltroni do should Hillary Clinton or John McCain become the next president.


Usualy I don’t trust any politician. In this competition I may trust Veltroni than Mr Belusconi to see if he maintain what he is saying. I like the concept of expectation and wee neet it.

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Let the free world hope and pray that Berlusconi does not win this election. He is only another buddy of the Bush family. Have you ever seen videos of the Italian police clubbing, beating and kicking war protesters–even older with grey hair? If Berlusconi wins the vote, more US military bases will be ordered in Italy, and corruption and greed will triumph.


It’s also important to note Obama’s borrowing, even if unintentional, of the Latin American “Si se puede” – popular in many populist/leftist campaigns there.

I wonder if he would admit the influence as easily as Veltroni. Good story; keep up the great blog.

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