Do you kids know the sacrifices we’ve made?

May 17, 2006

A 1,500 year-old tattooed female mummy, found in Peru, may help unlock secrets of the mysterious Moche civilization. The culture was known for two things — pottery and human sacrifices — which meant visiting tourists had to be very careful which duty free shop they went into.  Here is the story:mummythis300.jpg Photo shows the face of a mummy from the ancient Moche culture, discovered at the pyramid Huaca Cao Viejo, located at a ceremonial site called El Brujo (the Wizard) in Trujillo, May 12, 2006. The elaborately wrapped mummy,a young woman who died in her late 20s and believed to have been a member of the Moche elite, is dated to around A.D. 450, according to Peruvian archaeologists.  REUTERS/Mariana Bazo 

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