Froggy went a-courting, he did ride…

June 30, 2006

Here’s the sweetest picture you’ll see all week.  Send it to someone who will appreciate it…frog300.jpg  A mouse rides on the back of a frog in floodwaters in the northern Indian city Lucknow June 30, 2006. REUTERS/Pawan Kumar  


Why does the gingerbread man story come to mind here??

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Did the Frog allow this because of the flood – he did not see the mouse as a threat – and behaved altruistically.

If so, this may indicated that species DO feel empathy towards other species


…theirs was an epic story of a love that couldn’t be denied…

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This photo was published in our local newspaper with the caption “Toad to Safety” :~).

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anything is possible…

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It looks as if the TOAD didn’t have a choice…or he’s saving him for a big dinner later!


Caption: “Any port in a storm.”

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I think it symbolizes when the frog asked Miss Mousie to marry him in the song we are learning in shcool this week.

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good job Pawan, but its time for a new one “wink”

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Its my pic who want to talk with me …

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