Multitasking at HOPE, VCRs seek afterlife

July 22, 2006


Attention is a scarce commodity among the Cola-chugging hacker set. Here, at day two of the HOPE hacker conference in New York, geeks who couldn’t muster up the strength to hike it up to the 18th floor for the live presentation on modifying household gadgets were seen lounging on the second floor, while keeping an ear on the telecast. Everyone, but us, had a multiplayer game running on their laptop screens.



We couldn’t keep our eyes off the part of the gadget hacking presentation, particularly one crafty engineer’s solution on what to do with the millions of soon-to-be obsolete VCRs–the VCR Cat Feeder. Here’s a blurry pic from our camera phone on the right.  Better pictures of it are available here. Here’s MAKE magazine’s article on the project.

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