Windows Vista: I’ll have a cold one

July 28, 2006

Windows Vista can in sunJohn Fontana, a reporter with Network World, stood in front of a refrigerator in the hall outside Microsoft’s annual Financial Analysts Meeting, weighing his refreshment options.When offered a cold can of “Windows Vista” sparkling water, he asks: “Can I open it?Then, less innocently: “Or do I have to wait until January?” he asked.He was referring to the latest delays Windows has endured and fears it could suffer further delays.Windows Vista in RefrigeratorAt the meeting, Microsoft executives carefully hedged their answers over whether the January, 2007 target for scheduled general availability of Windows Vista for consumers was firm, or could potentially slide until later. Investors attending the meeting were unconvinced Vista will arrive on time and pushed Microsoft shares down 2 percent on Thursday.Windows Vista Lemon-Lime sparkling water: “Confident | Clear | Connected,” reads the can.Read the full Reuters story here on Windows Vista.All hail the Flickr Windows Vista Soda photo museum.


Wow, that’s pretty cool, at least Redmond wil lhave “something to open in January”

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