Just Another Hypnotist Libel Case

July 28, 2006

Looking for a lucrative job in the legal profession?HYPNOTIST PAUL MCKENNA SPEAKS OUTSIDE THE HIGH COURT.

Specialise in libel law in Britain, which has a famously combative press corps and a legal system that puts the burden of proof on the defendant. This inevitably results in a slew of high-profile libel cases, often between celebrities and tabloids.
Which brings us the colourful case of Paul McKenna (right), a radio DJ turned hypnotist turned motivational speaker, who won his lawsuit against the Daily Mirror on Friday for reporting that he bought a bogus PhD. The Mirror will have to pay an initial £75,000, additional damages to be assessed later, and McKenna’s not inconsiderable legal fees, MediaGuardian reports.

The judge described the case as “much energy expended to very little purpose.”

The last time McKenna was in the high court it was as a defendant, when he was accused of causing a man that he hypnotised on-stage to develop schizophrenia.

McKenna tells the story of the trial to the Sunday Times:

Did I hypnotise the judge? Of course not. But I did use psychological techniques to put my case powerfully.

McKenna, aside from hypnotism specials like “I Can Make You Thin,” is also famous for being dumped on live TV. His girlfriend, a presenter on the TV channel Auctionworld, texted him to watch her programme, turned to the camera and told him she was leaving him.

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