Subway comfort, on the rocks…

August 1, 2006

O Caption! My Caption! What’s going on here?  Send us your clever captions via Post a Comment.ice300.jpg  A block of ice is placed in the carriage of a subway train to help cool the surroundings on a hot day in Shanghai July 31, 2006.  REUTERS/Stringer


Scientology: Warm weather is not caused by this so called “climate” concept. It is, in fact, caused by the ice aliens. For the low price of $2,500, you can pray to the ice aliens through us and you yourself will never feel hot again.


World’s cheapest Air-Conditioner

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Waiting for hell to freeze over…

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“… see Vijas a watched ice cube does melt…’

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Now all we need is a gallon of Gin and ten big straws…

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