Cops interfere with natural selection…

August 9, 2006

Spanish police arrested four French guys for jumping in front of cars on a busy road so they could record the drivers’ reactions and post the footage on the Internet. The four took turns leaping in front of cars, forcing them to swerve or brake sharply. 

It’s pretty clear this police action constitutes dangerous interference with the whole Darwinian process.  Put those French guys right back on that road, this very minute, and let nature take its course!

A craze known as happy slapping took off in Britain last year, in which groups of teenagers slapped or mugged strangers while filming the victims’ reaction on camera phones. The images were then sent to friends or posted on Web sites. Here’s the story:


We don’t have an actual photo of the events in this story, but the guys are French, and the French like Jerry Lewis, who is seen here sticking out his tongue in a 2005 photo.  REUTERS/Fred Prouser

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