Higher paychecks a left-handed compliment?

August 11, 2006

A new study offers good news for left-handed men.  As for the rest of the population, better luck next time. Left-handed men, often seen as having an advantage over their right-handed counterparts in some sports, also enjoy much better paydays, according to the study. Left-handed men with at least some college education earned 15 percent more than similarly educated right-handers, while those who finished college earned about 26 percent more.  That sounds just about right to me.  Here’s the story:left300.jpg  Buffalo Sabres left-handed shooter J.P. Dumont (R) tries to use Jason Pominville’s right-handed stick in this photo from May 25, 2006.  REUTERS/Mike Cassese


J.D. Dumont-STFU before i poke your nutsack with my hockey stick
Jason Pomniville- it’s raining m—-

He gets poked in the nutsack