Man drinks good luck potion: doesn’t get any

August 16, 2006

The folks in Peru are being warned about fake medicine men offering cure-all miracle herb potions, after a bogus brew killed a man hoping to shake off a spell of bad luck.The poisoning death of a guy who hired a “curer” to improve his family’s bad luck led the government to warn people away from clandestine or street-corner practices.”Avoid consuming brews made with herbs of questionable origin or hallucinogenic plants prepared by so-called shamans,” the country’s Health Ministry said.   And isn’t that good advice for all of us? Here’s the story:shamans300.jpg Shamans in a file photo… An Ecuadorean shaman spits a “magic” potion during a shamanic party in Cochasqui, near Quito, in a 1999 photo. In a ritual party, several shamanes from Ecuador and Peru prayed for the sowing season. 


they misunderstood the potion DID improve the bad luck. They needed a good luck potion instead.

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The potion worked. The man will never have any bad luck again.

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Peruvian Mist.A Wrestling Move For That Guy With An Ecuadorian Shaman Gimmick.


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