Zune photos found on FCC site

August 25, 2006

After months of suspense over what Microsoft’s new digital media player / iPod killer will look like, it turns out that the leaked photos were on the money afterall.Sleuths scanning the U.S. Federal Communications Commission Web site unearthed these photos of a Toshiba-manufactured player called the Toshiba 1089. Microsoft later confirmed to reporters that Toshiba will be the manufacturer of first-generation Zune devices.CrunchGear, which appeared to have been the first to discover the documents, reports that Microsoft is relying on Toshiba to get the devices on store shelves in time for the holiday shopping season, but that future generations would likely be made in-house.

CrunchGear, citing an unnamed source: “This was done to make it in time for a Christmas launch and Microsoft will take over production after that, adding many more models to the line including a Shuffle/Nano-style mini players as well as a high end UMPC-like PMP. The PMP is a ‘monster’ with gaming, video, and music built-in, along with the wireless features were expecting from Zune.”

Here’s our story on it.Find the FCC filings here.Check out the manual here.


that mobilewhack site was first

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