Take Harpo public? Oprah says “No” – Interview

September 25, 2006

Media powerhouse Oprah Winfrey on Tuesday launched her latest effort — Oprah Winfrey“Oprah & Friends” — a 24-hour lifestyle channel on XM Satellite Radio. Winfrey, a self-made success whose brand has extended from her daily TV talk show to publishing, film and theater, will host a weekly show on the XM channel, which will fill out its programming with shows by personalities and experts well-known to her legion of fans.She spoke to Reuters after a press conference in New York about her radio channel, her plans, and her lack of desire in taking her businesses public.     Your TV show is one of the most successful and popular ever. Who are you expecting to reach with your radio channel?    We are going to bring in the women who are not at home with their kids. We are going to reach the people who are unable to watch the show. It’s a whole other audience.      You have succeded in book publishing, magazines, Broadway theater, movies TV and more, and now radio. What’s next? I don’t know. I wasn’t even expecting to do this a year ago. I have been saying that since I was 15 years old, ‘I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.’ That’s what I believed then and that’s what I believe now. I feel that this is the foundation that has been laid in order for me to do the really good things. For me everything that I do leads to my philanthropic efforts. Saving children and saving children who look like me, is the greatest thing that I have ever done. So we are building a lot of schools.  How do you find the time to juggle your personal efforts and the management of your companies?     First, I have a lot of good people helping me. Building schools in Africa. So you have to find the right people that are going to do the job that you want that respect your vision. And just do it.      Bringing in shareholders might increase the money available to help you in that plan. Would you consider taking any of your operations public?    No. Not even for more money. I like being able to control it. I don’t want anybody else telling me what to do. I’ve earned my freedom. I want to stay free.Read TVSquad’s coverage of the “Oprah & Friends” launch here.   


Oprah is a Van Halen fan? She’s making the OU812 hand symbol…

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