“…big women with Adam’s apples…”

September 29, 2006

They were billed as a celebration of sport, culture and national unity, but China’s Ethnic Minority Games descended into a farce of cross-dressing cheating and mob violence.

The low point may have been when it was found that some participants of the women’s dragon-boat racing event were found to have been men wearing wigs – or, as other athletes described them, “big women with Adam’s apples.”

Then again, the low point may have come when a dispute over wrestling results turned into a brawl, and a visiting team was chased away by a local gang with sticks and blades.  Here’s the story:  

Okay, this is a real women’s dragon boat team, but imagine if they were just men in wigs…   This picture is from the All-China Games, last may.  REUTERS/Aly Song

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