Business 2.0 to split booty with reporter/blogger

October 14, 2006

biz20.jpgBusiness 2.0 editor Josh Quittner’s got a novel approach to enticing reluctant reporters for the dead tree edition to blog. Cut them in on the deal.

The editor of Time Inc.’s magazine for Internet and technology entrepreneurialism aims to convince his journalists to create blogs. In turn, they will get a cut of ad revenue generated by their posts.

Quittner came up with the idea after some “soul searching” following the departure of contributor Om Malik, whose GigaOM blog is among the most respected Internet and tech news blogs.

Quittner explains it to IWantMedia’s Patrick Phillips: “It’s really important to me that my guys learn this stuff and live there because that’s where the world is headed. It’s totally consistent with their jobs as print journalists.

I think the last magazine standing will be a monthly magazine. I’m not so worried about Business 2.0 as a print product ever going away. That said, my people need to participate at a deeper level than just producing once a month. I used to joke that monthly magazines are the gentleman farming of the journalism world. There’s no reason why monthly magazine reporters can’t live in the daily world.” 

Here’s IWantMedia’s Q&A with Quittner.

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