Let the hunt begin

October 20, 2006

thanksgivingshopping.jpg  Remember when Christmas shopping would start the day after Thanksgiving?

Those days are long gone. Wal-Mart already brought us closer to Black Friday by cutting prices on more than 100 games and toys.

“The holiday season is coming earlier this year than I’ve ever seen it. I would be willing to bet that it will come earlier next year,” said Darrell Rigby, head of the retail practice at Bain & Co.

“I was in Costco a month ago walking through holiday aisles,” Rigby said. “The fact that Wal-Mart is out so quickly and so aggressively this year just says it was effective last year, so prepare for more of it.”

So what’s hot?  Besides T.M.X. Elmo, Rigby’s already hearing buzz about the Kid-Tough Digital Camera, FurReal Friends, Butterscotch the horse, and Nintendo’s long-awaited Wii.

“They will be priced aggressively — and, by the way, they will go quickly,” he said.  “People that wait for those kinds of items, trying to play a game of chicken as to ‘how long can I wait and get the lowest possible price,’ may very well be disappointed.”

Have you completed your holiday shopping? Or started?

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