If TV show is TiVo’d in the forest…

October 20, 2006

TV networks are scrambling to find new ways of delivering advertising to viewers who use digital video recorders to TiVo screenskip commercials in shows they have recorded. But what does it mean when viewers don’t watch the shows they record?

In yet another possible sign of consumers’ declining attraction to regular TV, San Francisco Chronicle TV columnist Tim Goodman has coined a term for shows recorded but never watched — “TiNo”. TiNo-ed shows languish in the “Now Playing” list on a users DVR, wanted but untouched, for weeks, months and sometimes years, guaranteeing that neither ads, skillfully placed (and paid for) products, nor high-priced actors, are seen.

Goodman even gives an example of how to use the term:

     “Now when people ask me about “Friday Night Lights” I can say, “That’s a TiNo”. 

Hmm. So what would the term be for movies rented, but never watched? NetNOFlix? Blockbusted?

Check out TV Squad’s take on Goodman’s brief here.


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