Gearing up for “Gears of War”

November 3, 2006

“Gears of War”, the highly anticipated alien-blasting video game for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, hits store shelves next week. Early reviews are out, and there’s growing expectation that the game will live up to the intense buzz it has generated.******Shane Kim, head of Microsoft Game Studios that is publishing the title, told Reuters that pre-orders for “Gears” are second only to “Halo 2″, which had advance sales 1.5 million copies. Pre-orders are a useful indicator of overall demand for a title. “Halo 2″, for instance, went on to sell 7.3 million copies 15 months after its November 2004 release.******”I can say that the demand, at least in terms of preorders and support and demand from retail partners, has been outstanding all over the world,” Kim said. “For Microsoft Game Studios it is the number two behind only ‘Halo 2′. That’s a significant number.”******Here is another Reuters story looking at whether the game will live up to the stratospheric expectations and the inevitable comparisons to the beloved “Halo” franchise. Check it out to see how the game chainsaw bayonets, watermelons and cemeteries.******Be warned, the game is not for the faint of heart, and the extreme violence is being compared to movies such as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.******Dan Hsu, whose epic, 5,700-word review of the game is the cover story on the current issue of “Electronic Gaming Monthly” (it’s not online yet but here is their site), shared his thoughts with us:***

“The graphics alone will make this a must-buy game. This is the kind of game you will throw on your HDTV and your friends, whether they are into gaming or not, will be impressed.”******”If you chainsaw someone, and you will chainsaw someone, blood spatters all over, it spurts all out, it gets all over your screen and drips down. It’s not something kids should play at all.”

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