Audio – Parsons, Icahn and the pursuit of happiness

November 28, 2006

Parsons_ReutersTime Warner Inc. Chief Executive Richard Parsons thinks that Carl Icahn, who mounted a bid to break up the company last year, has a sunnier disposition these days.”Somebody asked me if he is happy. I’m not sure that’s a word you’d ever apply to my friend Carl, but I’m sure he’s happier, because he’s going around town telling people how much money he made on Time Warner stock,” Parsons said at the Reuters Media Summit in New York.Is Parsons concerned about Icahn mounting another challenge to Time Warner management?”I will give you my opinion: I doubt it.” he said. “It’s not like Carl or anyone else has any new ideas that would help move the company forward more rapidly than it is under the current plan.”


[…] Reuters has the whole thing up on an audio file that you can listen to here. […]