And don’t let us catch you not doing that again!

November 30, 2006

It’s hardly even news anymore when somebody boycotts a business for selling certain things, sponsoring certain TV shows, playing certain music, and so on.So, maybe we’re ready for the next logical step.  In Italy, two politicians have called for a Christmas boycott of  the furniture giant IKEA, for not selling Nativity Scenes.That’s right. For not selling Nativity Scenes. The Swedish firm says it has never sold Nativity scenes, which are not part of the Scandinavian tradition it promotes, but the two Italian senators are calling for both Christians and atheists to take part in the boycott. Oh. Atheists, too? So, we’re all clear on the boycott plan? Even if you don’t recognize the Nativity story, we’d still like you to boycott a store that sells bookcases that are hard to put together because they don’t sell Nativity Scenes that would probably be just as hard to put together? Here’s the story:nativity300.jpg A fish swims past an underwater Christmas Nativity scene in an ocean aquarium in Berlin in a 2005 photo. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz


I know this isn’t the hard news, but can you all at least care enough to learn to spell “atheists”?

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Yes, thanks for pointing it out. We corrected it.

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IKEA furniture is not hard to put together.

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Let me guess….a wise fish?

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