Officer, I want to report a pie-jacking!

December 4, 2006

piesvideo.jpgWhat is this world coming to, when you can no longer make a public spectacle out of waddling onstage and cramming food into your gaping pie-hole until your belt snaps?For those who don’t follow  competitive eating, times are changing. Just watch this video report from our Julia Gover, to see a pie-eating contest go to the very petite but very professional  “black widow.”As one eating official explains, “The fat people don’t win these contests anymore.”But that isn’t the only thing. Just a couple of weeks ago, in a concession to healthy eating, a major annual pie-eating event  changed from who-can-eat-the-most-pies to who-can-eat-one-pie-the fastest. Where is all this leading? Competitions to see who can leave the cleanest napkin?Welcome, folks, to the first annual “No thanks, I’ll just skip dessert” competition!


You know, this person almost looks like Ben Aflect wearing makup at a pie eating contest!

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Well at least they haven’t nixed MY favourite–the star-studded hollywood “who can eat a romaine leaf and single almond the fastest” competition! There’s always so much excitement–they get so close–but nobody ever finishes.