The reporters who went up a Hill but came down a dot-com

December 13, 2006

(Updates with staff list)They say you can make your reputation based on the people you choose to associate with. That sort of philosophy is making new online politics site The Politico the hot place to be.The site, scheduled for launch on Jan. 23, 2007, started off with John Harris and Jim VandeHei, two of The Washington Post’s A-list reporters when it comes to political coverage. Now they’re going for an even more gold-plated name: Mike Allen.Allen comes from Time magazine, which he originally left the Post to join. (Incidentally, Time is getting one of the Post’s other hottest properties in the form of reporter David von Drehle)Allen’s addition to the ranks, along with U.S. News & World Report chief political correspondent Roger Simon and some stalwarts from The Hill, shows that the online political site published by Allbritton Communications Co., is backing up its desire to challenge traditional media with some of the old school’s brightest stars.Political junkies will be keeping track of two races this time around — the one among the presidential candidates and the competition between the old media and the new.Politico’s list of new hires:John Harris, Editor in Chief, formerly of The Washington PostJim VandeHei, Executive Editor, formerly of The Washington PostMarty Tolchin, Senior Publisher and Editor, formerly of The New York Times Bruce Drake, Managing Editor, formerly of National Public RadioPatrick O’Connor, Staff Writer, formerly of The HillJohn Bresnahan, Staff Writer, formerly of Roll CallJoesephine Hearn, Staff Writer, formerly of The Hill Roger Simon, Chief Political Columnist, formerly of Bloomberg NewsMike Allen, Chief Political Correspondent, formerly of Time MagazineChristian Lowe, Senior Staff Writer, Army TimesAnne Schroeder, Gossip Columnist, formerly of Capitol File Andrew Glass, Senior Editor, formerly of Cox Newspapers David Mark, Political Editor, formerly of Campaigns & Elections MagazineDana Wells, Assistant Editor, formerly of The HillKenneth P. Vogel, Senior Staff Writer, formerly of The News Tribune(Tacoma, Wash.) Helena Andrews, Staff Writer, formerly of The New York TimesJean Chemnick, Staff Writer, formerly of CQJeffrey Patch, Staff Writer, formerly of The Des Moines RegisterDaniel Reilly, Staff Writer, formerly of The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Carrie Sheffield, Staff Writer, formerly of The HillAmy Doolittle, Staff Writer, formerly of The Washington TimesRyan Grim, Staff Writer, formerly of The Washington City PaperKim Kingsley, Media Director, formerly of The Washington Post Katie Gilchrist, Copy Editor, formerly of Tax NotesTa’Mara Blake, Administrative Assistant, formerly of Head StartSamantha Slater, Editorial Assistant, formerly of CQ