Ignorance was no trivial matter…

January 5, 2007

Quick quiz: When playing the popular game Trivial Pursuit, the most important bit of trivia to have at your command is:a) The capital of South Dakotab) John Wayne’s Oscar-winning rolec) The biggest lake in Hungaryd) Exactly how much E & J Brandy your body can handleFor one young woman, the answer should have been d).¬† According to a Chicago Sun-Times story, she was hospitalized for intoxication after playing a version of the game in which giving an incorrect answer meant you had to drink a shot of brandy and take a hit of marijuana.¬†Well, the important thing is, they were exercising their minds. Here’s the story courtesy of the suntimes:


a) Pierre
b) Cogburn
c) Balaton
d) … I’m guessing the the secret of the holy grail is not embedded here?


Bring Poor Untraceable?

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