What’s the worst thing you can do to beer-drinkers?

January 5, 2007

There are no words to describe the cruelty. It seems this guy had some beer at a bar, made a few visits to the toilet, which is only natural, and then left.

Oh. One other thing. He took the urinal with him, in a backpack.

Now, this leads to two amusing visuals: a) the image of this guy trying to use his ill-gotten urinal someplace else on the way home, and finding that it just isn’t the same, and b) the image of the other beer-drinkers in the bar heading for the toilet to do what beer-drinkers do, only to find a hole in the wall. I bet it wasn’t a pretty sight.urinal.jpg Here’s the story:

The suspected thief is seen leaving the toilets in these undated closed circuit television images. REUTERS/ Handout/ Hampshire police


Not very smart when urinal the news papers.

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I hate repo men.

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After the bar owner found him, the poor slain thief’s body was discovered floating down the Thames.

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Oh! Southampton! Now, I get it.

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A poor piss artist who can’t afford a new canvas?

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