There is no such thing as too big

January 8, 2007

Sharp snatched the title of world’s largest LCD TV after it showed off its 108-inch LCD television (pictured above). But it led some to wonder: Can a TV screen be too big? I mean — it’s bigger than the model you’ve hired to stand next to it in your huge home.Perhaps that’s like asking a child if they have had too much candy, or pizza.Sharp's 108 inch LCD TVStill, at the press conference where Sharp announced its ground-breaking screen — due this summer and sure to cost more than several automobiles — a reporter asked:Who is going to buy a 108-inch LCD TV?Sharp executive Bob Scaglione, hinting at rocketing demand for large screen TVs in 2006, shot back:”A year ago we got questions (like that) about our 65-inch LCD. Now, I wouldn’t call it a mainstream product, but it’s available at retail at $10,999. As we introduce larger (manufacturing) palates…we get to drive prices down, so — I’m sure we will find some people who will want to buy a 108-inch TV.”Who’s the customer? Presumably someone who wants a TV that’s about 7.8 feet tall, by Engadget’s estimates.(Reuters photo)


WOW! I just ordered one but am looking for someone to tell the wife.

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Can you just imagine the size of the room you’d have to have to be able to safely view it?

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Oh, great. Just what we all need. As if we are not brainless and zombie-like enough already. This is a product that will ensure that its owners will never get off the couch again.

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I will, if you order me one too…
Seriously people wouldn’t ask that question, if it was a pc screen, which with the way technology is going its going to end up doing anyway…what quality will a youtube video be on that though???


I guess it takes 4 men to carry. Palates? I Think Mr. Scaglione means “pallets”

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It would be perfect for a home theatre system. Now, just gotta make sure that I don’t hook a dish up to it. I’d have it in a dedicated room for movies only. Great for parties!

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Good knight, it’s one small step away from the wall screens in Farenheight 451. If they start offering TV scripts in the mail, hide your books.


He is just misspelling it, but a different word than pallet
( Not shipping / recieving of pallets, but
according to wikipedia
A palette is:

a surface on which a painter mixes colour pigments. A palette may be made of wood, glass, plastic, ceramic tile or other inert material and can vary greatly in size and shape. The most commonly known type of painter’s palette is made of thin wood board designed to be held in the artist’s hand and rest on the artist’s arm.
a set of colours put on a palette, or in a more general sense, a particular set or quality of colours.
an analogous range of choices in fine arts or design, e. g. Ravels orchestral palette
Palette (computing), a set of colors available in a computer graphics system.
Palette window, in computing, a window that floats on top of all regular windows, also known as a “Utility window”.
the valve under an organ pipe which is connected to the keyboard(s)as opposed to the stop valve.
the name of a mannequin humanoid robot designed for the fashion and service industry by Tatsuya Matsui of Flower Robotics, Inc.
Palette AOC, a wine AOC in the Provence region of southern France

But 108-inch… my goodness, I’m over 6 feet tall. Its not too big for me but… my two bedroom house is way too small for it. But I know someone with a 40-odd inch screen in a small one bedroom apartment. It literally takes up most of his livingroom, which is over half of the apartment. He likes it though. so Its to the individual.


It makes sense, as the entry suggests, for a bar or some public venue, and I’m sure it’s very nice.

Still, the individuals this appeals to are probably the same ones who drive a Hummer to the grocery store. They will go into absurd debt to own this, while the rest of their life falls apart, and I will hear their inane entertainment through the walls of our townhouse, and never sleep again.


Sounds like the way to make a room as envisioned by Ray Bradbury in the classic Sci-Fi story “The Veldt”.
Who needs to paint the wall? Just change the DVD (or whatever you can find as a source with high enough resolution to drive it).

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Such pitty, If I had a penny for every minute I’ve wasted drooling over my miniscule 21-inch Tele, I still wouldn’t have enough money to buy this one… ME WANTS ONE!!!

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Yes, good market is with restaurants.
I thing LCD had done a good job.
Go for it. High consumers will love this
screen. Key word for a larger market is
in pricing.


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I want one, too. just think of the Star-Trek series on this thing. Yes, bee cool to the neighbours, I mean, lets keep it real here. But man, this is a great thing. Who wants one? Foolish question, no? Whoever reads this estory has already pictured where it would go in their house. Can they build a DVD player in it? And a mini-fridge underneath? No joke, I want one. But let me pay my next month’s rent first.

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That screen is larger than the screens at the local multiplex theaters. It would be nice use as a computer monitor for editing my photos and post production video work. (not to mention first person shooter games.)

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This is really cool… Lets face it…. Sharp is not intending to make breakthrough mass sales with this product.. even if few buyers like Restaurants/pubs/hollywood biggies/sportstars buy it…. the brand will be benefited….

anyways, for now I can live with the dream of buying a 29 inch atleast.

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I think I’ll be getting one to put in the garage…

There is no other room big enough and I really miss the old drive in theater experience……

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You should see the size of the remote control that goes with this….

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Hey – just 3 more of these in a small room and you’ll have the first version of a holosuite – so long to reality!

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Am I the only one with Weird Al’s song ‘Frank’s 2000 inch T.V.’ running through my head?

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